The Orca

You and I get that lopsided PvP is no honorable victory. This group does not. They can out gun some one 10 to 1 and after the end they are proud and say gf, no gf, no gf, no gf to you. They go to the kill mails and the endorphins run…

Do not try and convince them otherwise or allow them to vex your spirit. There’s plenty to like about this game elsewhere. Well I’m having good time tearing down “We”'s propaganda false narrative Orca campaign.

Can I get a gf ??? Somebody ??

Comment well taken. Thanks.

Not all victories are about honour. Sometimes it’s just about victory.

Yes, that’s also a part of EVE.

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Agreed. There comes a point though where the absence of honor is shame. I’ll not draw that line tonight but there is one. There is one.

GN o/

You mistake not caring for not understanding.

You should read the golden rules of eve:

In particular-

  • You consent to PvP when you click “undock”.
  • There is no such thing as “a fair fight” or “an unfair fight”. There’s only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant.

Reviewing stuff, had to reply. Thank you for a factual, well reasoned argument. I did lump you in with some others and that was a mistake.

Can’t give a similar well reasoned response now, RL calls. Tomorrow.

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When I was brand new and got my very first Vexor I noticed it had bonuses (or something, I forget exactly what now) for mining. I was really really confused and then Sarah, the lady who made the really popular overview blew me up and that was the end of that. I never did figure out how to mine with it.
This was right before I never did any mining again…
Sometimes I wonder if Sarah saved me from a career of being afk and bitching about gankers.

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It’s also very killable though, doesn’t that make up for it’s apparent usefulness? They get killed in highsec constantly, sometimes at gates sometimes in astroid or ice belts, but the number of losses is pretty high as is the cost of the ship and it’s modules (correct me there if I’m wrong, I can’t fly one so I really don’t know what it’s capable of or what the total cost would be).
Being a good target is a form of ballance I would think, but this does make me wonder:
How long with good skills would you have to to mine to pay for one and all of its stuff?

Heh, removing Concord from High Sec space would just remove those little blue bumps on the map. You want more little blue bumps on the map, then CCP should do the flip side of your suggestion and add Concord to Low Sec space.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that…

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Wouldn’t increase the blue bumps on the map, it’d just spread the hi-sec ones out. You’d still end up with less blue bumps overall.

Regardless, that isn’t @Hans_Devin issue. His argument is that if all the blue bumps are in one place it would suggest the areas without blue bumps are a failure.

But that requires some baseless assumptions. Not that we should let that get in the way of course…

Yes it would increase the amount of little blue bumps because there’d be more people in-game due to having more Concord patrolled systems.

About the other sectors, if there’s nobody playing there then yes, those areas are a failure. Just have to find the reason why which shouldn’t be too hard to do when compared to the areas that have active players.

You know what, I’m going to take that as an insult, doesn’t matter if it’s directed to me or not, it’s an insulting sarcastic innuendo.

That may be the case for you and your social circle but it definitely isn’t the case for majority.

If you’re going to post that as fact then you need to post proof, otherwise you’re just posting your own viewpoint based on your own real life social status.

No, CCP is the one who is creating a piss pore NPE, not High Sec. Also it’s CCP who is making High Sec boring due to all the nerfs they’ve recently implemented.

And you’re also wrong about why CCP implemented those NPC’s in High Sec. Mainly it was done for free advertising and because that’s where the majority of players conduct their gameplay activities.

For years CCP profited on free advertising from 3rd party blog and game news sites about Alliance Wars. That type of free advertising always brought in a bunch of new players and brought back old players as well. CCP’s free advertising stopped when those big Null Sec wars stopped happening on a regular basis due to big blue donut politics.

Since CCP is cheap and won’t invest money into anything they can get players to do for free, they started implementing a lot of new content that was guaranteed to bring in free advertising as well as bring in both new and old players. They tried implementing that new content on Null Sec but quickly stopped it after Alliances threatened to quit the game.

As a result, CCP has constantly targeted High Sec space with changes since then, mainly because that’s where the majority of players conduct their gameplay and CCP can live with a small exodus of players from the game compared to a large amount of players all leaving at the same time which would have gave them negative press…

Also due to CCP’s narrowminded view, they feel more destruction stats will get them more free press so they went overboard with each new change. Now if Alliance Wars were still happening on a regular basis, I highly doubt we would have seen all these changes and content done to High Sec space.

Anyway, I know you’re going to disagree with everything I just posted and more importantly, I highly doubt we will ever agree on anything so continuing to converse is a waste of time for both of us.

Have a nice day.



No need to nerf the Orca. Just delete it all together.

Get mining back to smaller ships, with fleets supported by both a Porpoise for boosts and haulers for ore carrying capacity. Fleets working together for everyone.




I kind of want an Orca for non mining reasons. @delonewolf did a video or two that I loved about how he was using them to be nomadic and instead of mining with them was carrying around a bunch of smaller ships and all their gear.
I was very interested in placing a station at one point and even had one with all of its stuff just before they were nerfed to death the first time and I got rid of it when quantum cores were introduced. An Orca seems like a good alternative in a lot of ways, and in some ways better, it can go places.
The price of them however and the fact they are a splendid target has held me back on this. I’m also hesitant because I’ve had some serious hits from CCP to skill training and would rather not waste my time training for something that might just be wrecked as soon as I’m done. CCP has sort of gotten me trained to just stick with things that benefit all ships just in case they decide to do something rash to something I like again. On the plus side I will have things like tank, capacitor, CPU and navigation skills to V in the not so distant future, that will be nice and make me a lot more adaptable.

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Hasn’t worked in the past. Why would it now?

It’s not like the players in hi-sec are short on space/real estate. They aren’t compacted by borser frictions. Increasing the size of hi-sec will likely have no increase in players that wouldn’t already be just as happy in the already existing hi-sec systems.

Ha ha, thinly veiled attempt at an ad hominem.

Less than 50% of students in the UK take their education beyond compulsory level. And that’s including Harry Potter degrees, drop outs and fails (which should be almost impossible given how Universities feel compelled to give higher grades so students feel like they got value for money).

And it’s tricky with unskilled labour because no one agrees what counts as skilled/unskilled/high skilled/low skilled/semi-skilled labour is. Nor does anyone release straightforward data on such.

So I’ll have to concede i can’t say that as a fact. But i can leave you with this suggestion to make your own conclusions:

My point is, people don’t emigrate to the wealthy countries because of ‘success’. They do it for an easier life. And that’s hi-sec.

But CCP make hi-sec… And hi-sec (and the game) had a retention problem before scarcity. Or do you mean nerfs like the wardec changes? Cause then we agree.

If you say so…

Oh, Orca! The bastion of my rookie dreams. How I do remember the days we spent together. How I used to mine mine mine for hours and hours and hours… How I saved up finally enough ore to pay the puppy off, break even, so I might finally go AFK in it… A month, probably-- not long, but there I had it: the 1bil pile of ore. They only used to cost 1bil, y’know…

Wow, I guess I didn’t fully give-up my bot aspirations until the industry update. That was back in March. Hi-sec ore prices plummeted. I had more than 1bil in ore by that time, est. value, but slowly the value dwindled and I made out with 900k isk…

Several skill extractors later, CCP has a little part of me I can never get back. What did any of that time or isk even mean? All relative, yes, but I didn’t make many friends along the way. I made a few connections, but none to speak of. I simply mined and enjoyed my IRL activities on the side whilst gaming.

Not everyone uses the Orca to solo mine like I did, sure. I wasn’t harassed once, barely even blinked at while traveling, and constantly avoided by all other miners. Align time is always around 10 seconds when stationary using MWD. EHP was 500k. I never left 0.7 security. I was miserable.

They say we are social creatures. Gotta wonder how cliches come about. Oh, I forgot, we are capsuleers. We are somehow fictionally mean and evil grrr. Then again, many Frank Herbert books discussed the morals and ethics behind a clone being treated the same way as one born from a woman. All life is sacred, even that of the lowly solo miner.

Save him by nerfing this sht to high hell!


I will say one thing the Orca is great at, is a mobile ganking platform where you can store 7 fully-fit Catalysts.

At least until you get the Bowhead.

Long ago when I was noobing about I was a miner, now as a vet I have everything I need, the skills to create whatever I need and the ability to just buy anything I need, as an industrialist I could care less if they nerfed the orca to satan’s glorious bing hole, like everything, everything is nerf, nobody wants anyone to have good things anymore for myself I would pass out mining in an orca, boring doesn’t cover the absolute abysmal mining in an orca.

But honestly if I was starting eve today an orca would give me something to shoot for, take that away and there is less reason to play eve because what’s the point if you feel gimped before you even start out.



Stop right there.

This is not White Knights kill Dragons and saving Damsels in Distress.

There is no honor, only victory and profit.

There are no made up bull ■■■■ rules, aka a code of honor.

And, from the weeping in this thread there is no such thing as a good loser.

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