The Photo

Since I’ve moved out to the Khanid Kingdom I decided that I would at least try and fit in with the uniforms they have there. I entered the IGS today and talked with an old acquaintance, Remilia Malitia. After a little catching up she made a comment about my new Concord ID photo I just did with the new outfit.

Remilia Malitia > “The change of appearance is a bit peculiar, after all. It isn’t a simple uniform swap.”

Reiko Shi > “When in Jita.” I said, in making reference to an old saying.

Remilia Malitia > shrugs, “Just stating personal preference.”

Reiko Shi > “Yes, I do like Caldari fashion more.”

Remilia Malitia > "“The neck cut of that dress does seem a bit… steep.”

Reiko Shi > I look down at my sternum noting that it doesn’t fit my usual attire “I agree.”

Remilia Malitia > “Is it… supposed to be worn like this? Nothing underneath?”

Then it hit me as my stomach turned and wretched in embarrassment. I didn’t know you were supposed to wear an undershirt with the dress top. How could they have allowed me to make such a mistake. I need to fix this right away!

Reiko Shi > “What are you talking about?” I try to play it off to save me from a very embarrassing situation.

Reiko Shi > “It must be the lighting.” I know the photo is much brighter than my old one.

Remilia Malitia > “I am not familiar with Imperial fashion. I am just wondering if you could benefit from an undershirt.” A long pause filled the channel. I couldn’t say anything, what could I even do at this point.

Rene Lightning > "Hmm…”

Reiko Shi > “No no no, it’s my pale skin and this beige top just looks like I am not wearing one.”

Remilia Malitia > “Uh… huh. Okay.”

I immediately go to the nearest station to fix this I need to cover this blunder up as soon as I can. Good thing I am close to Four-Four so I make sure to pick out a nice Ammarian styled top. After some time it gets uploaded so I return to my ship and I take a look.
“WHAT!?” I bury my face in utter disappointment but the damage was already done. I blinked.

(( File changed before I could upload the original “blinked” photo. ))


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