The Real Nature of Ship Casters

I was thinking, with all four races of New Eden building ship casters, could the real power play actually be coming from the Triglavians?

When all four races have built their ship caster, the networks of New Eden would suddenly go silent, then in a tumultous explosion at the focal point of all four casters, a portal emerges as the entire Triglavian universe crashes into New Eden.

As the Triglavian universe rushes forward, whole solar systems are lost in brilliant explosions of light. Feint stars that had been viewed for millions of years are shredded like rice paper. Trillions of young and old alike, consumed by the breathlessvacuum of Abyssal space.

Or are the ship casters a gift from the Exiled who have known the Triglavians for thousands of years and have sent their technology to New Eden to ruin the devastation of the Abyss, to seed the Abyss with their own deeply rooted revenge?

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