The Red Dot thread

I might mind it less if we could pick the colour ourselves as an option in the settings … I kinda like purple personally … maybe somethink like this … :crystal_ball:

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image you have new comments available


  • Red dots need opt out for those of us who don’t want or need them
  • Inventory Neocom button needs to respect that when I ask for it to not show up on my short cut bar it remembers that next time I log in. I so rarely ever use this yet I cannot permanently remove it from neocom shortcut bar
  • I ack a red dot, then it shows up again when I undock. As if it was possible that during undock my cargo can go elsewhere.
  • As it is no red dots just slow me down to go ack something I already know. I transferred something from my hanger to my ship. I get a red dot to let me know I transferred something. If my memory is that bad, how am I alive?

Useless Red Dots:

  • I made a transfer by drag and drop.
  • I undocked
  • I loot something from the battlefield
  • My accounts are linked and I do any transfer from one character to another

Useful red dots:

  • I finished a mission and got an item
  • I start a mission and got a mission item
  • I received an item from a contract

Very funny, ccp.
While I was in a fleet, randomly when pulling MY drones back to MY drone bay I get the infamous red dot on the Neocom. I open the ship cargo. I check and mouse over every item in cargo, no red dots there. I check the drone bay, mouse over everything, no red dots there - but it’s still there, laughing its little red arse off from the Neocom ribbon at me.
After repeating all of this one more time, the red dot finally disappears. By then my FC is slightly mad at me for not anchoring up on him and assigning my drones to the drone bunny. I dread launching my drones now…

P.S. does EvE Echoes have these red dots ?

I want to sort by red dot, so that I may squish them… or just… you know… make it useful somehow.

listen, but if a lot of players don’t like this - why can’t you add a setting to turn this option on / off?

hehe, we’ve been asking that since they first appeared, in all languages known to humankind, and in Triglavian.

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The red dot is diving deeper into my inventory. It shows up while fleeted up and not picking up anything. It is now showing up inside containers in station. This leads me to utter a deeply heart felt wtf ccp!
Instead of trying to fix this absolute abomination, this scarlet scandal of inappropriate attention whoring, this pestilent pustule of useless information, this glowing globule of misplaced meddling, this treasonous trigger of OCD, this … thing … that haunts my client, instead of making this increasingly bugged bastard a toggable feature, you actually embedded it even deeper. For a moment I thought of becoming emotional about it but I remained calm.

Yes we hate it. Yes we still want it gone. Yes, making it a toggle for those that are still new is fine. But do it quickly, ccplease.

n5m2k4 giphy (33)

1 request: give us a toggle so we can switch it the f*** off. I don’t want it popping up whenever I change clones

Every few days this little red monster creates new issues.

Today: I remotely deliver 5 invention jobs, in a station 5 jumps away, resulting in some fresh t2 bpc’s which go straight into a container in that station.
Lo and behold. I get a :red_circle: in my current location on the item hangar. Of course there is nothing new there.

Nope, not submitting bug reports. It doesn’t need fixing, it needs fumigation.

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