The relist fee for changing market orders. Could it be improved this way?

I don’t know if you’re useless but you are holy ■■■■ off topic.

I had a weird mental note that you’re not usually an idiot but I guess I’ll revise that. Any chance you could get back into at least the general zipcode of relevancy, which is the cost of relisting and brokerage service?

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You charge people to use your Citadel as a “warehouse”? And people actually pay you?
If you were able to dupe people to pay you to use your Citadel as a “warehouse”, then I’m impressed you were able to find morons that dumb.

I wouldn’t trust some random kid and his own personal citadel to warehouse anything. If I have goods of value worth warehousing, they’ll either be in Jita (an NPC station) or a structure that I personally control. Using your citadel would be adding a useless middleman AND a huge risk factor because I cannot control you.

I’d still say yes.

Our citadels we had out in curse for over 2 years were used as staging platforms for several pushes in to the area by other alliances. A little bird told me even TEST liked having them there because they were freeports which meant they could stop over if they needed to. We didn’t discriminate, people bought our overpriced t2 sovwands and our rigs. Made us happy.

Useless middleman indeed. I’m done with you now.

Did you charge them for that privilege?

So after upgrading back to omega to test the difference, the relist fees become nearly negligible for most orders I have except for the expensive stuff like marauders. But its pretty telling that I have to spend some 30 odd days training skills just to get back to the performance level I had as a base. Its quite annoying.

The thing is that they don’t want to learn how to operate in grey area. They just want to easily trade - after all if 0.01 isk into oblivion you don’t have to think about what prices you should be setting.

Here is another example:

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The relist fee has nothing to do with 0.01 isking since the 4 digit rule already eliminates 0.01 isking.

0.0000001 or 1 tick is all the same. Only difference is that 1 tick is more significant on positions of higher value.

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Yes and that means there is no longer a problem since the price moves just fine to its equilibrium and everyone has to use their brain to judge if the equilibrium price is worth it.

No. Tick has nothing to do with that - you have to use your brain because of relisting fee. W/o relisting fee there would be no practical effect.

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Why pay for it when you already have infinite storage for free in an NPC Station?
Risk Free, even…

–Gadget reserves risk for other things

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That’s a fine theory with all those NPC stations in your sov null.

Except the practical effect I just mentioned. How is relisting going to be a problem when every price difference is significant.

‘significant’ - not even 1/10000 (one ten thousandth) of price. You would need between 100-999 relists to make the price change by 1%. No, tick is insignificant - just cleans up prices and makes price tag scams much more difficult if not impossible.

You are off by a zero bud.

1001 to 1000 is 0.1%.

9999 to 9998 is 0.01%

Yeah, and in both cases tick size is 1 isk. But you are correct - it was 10-99 relists.

So what if the tick size is 1 isk. If the volume is 1 million units that 1 million isk, if its 1 billion units that is 1 billion isk. The relative change is meaningful.

Relative change is meaningful only because you have to pay relist fee for that change… damn, you really are daft. We came back to the fact that ticks are not meaningful by themselves - their only source of being meaningful is due to relist fee.

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O no, the genius that failed his maths 2 posts ago calls me daft. Perhaps if you didn’t fail the maths you wouldn’t fail in your conclusion.

I am going to be communicating some serious aches and pains to my competitors the day I decide to start trying to sell off the assets I have been hoarding for all these years and when you finally realize that I have not been focused on making profit by selling more than simply supplying my own insatiable hunger to buy up and horde things.

Some of you are going to get ass cancer before I am through because I don’t use other players’ buy orders and I won’t stop lowering my prices if I have to until I start using my own and I am a really ■■■■■■■ stingy buyer.