The Return to WIS?

Yes, they just like that removed “money grab” service? Even if it was only 3% of people that actually used WIS much more people bought apparel. Also, we don’t actually know what that 3% means. People who use it each day? Month? per year?

I have feeling that everyone thinks that CCP do thing only against its playerbase.

It’s all in that Dev Blog you mentioned.

After reviewing the usage statistics for captain’s quarters, we can see that the development time involved in maintaining the current state of the feature is significantly disproportionate to the number of pilots using the feature.


The following graph shows the account setting of users that logged in over the course of the last 30 days, and whether they default to hangar view, or captain’s quarters view on login:

The next graph shows the usage statistics over the course of the last two years, which notes a steady decline from 10% usage to 3% usage by the start of January this year.

This graph does of course show a spike in Captain’s Quarters usage around the release of EVE Online: Ascension where a substantial number of new players entered New Eden and defaulted to the captain’s quarters view, before the trend continued into 2017.

An interesting point to note from this graph is also the activity around the release date of EVE Online: Citadel and the several months afterwards, which shows a gradual – rather than drastic – increase in the number of pilots reverting to hangar view rather than captain’s quarters.

This indicates that many of the pilots who chose to move into citadels as homes, where captain’s quarters are not available, were already in the position where they were using hangar view instead.

This graph also correlates with the percentage of game time logged in and docked that our pilots spend in captain’s quarters versus hangar view:

It is of course important to note that while use has been falling steadily over time, part of the reason for further decline recently has been a change in the default view that occurs when a character docks in a citadel, which doesn’t offer captain’s quarters and switches the account setting to hangar view.

And as for the sale of Apparel items, of course CCP still wants to make money on them but the only new items being released now are just Facial Augmentations, Tee-Shirts and Hats. Why is that? Because there’s not really any way for players to easily view and show off their characters full body. Course CCP knew that and didn’t want to piss off all the players who had previously invested money into full body apparel which is why they included this statement:

What about all the apparel I own?

While captain’s quarters will be removed from New Eden with the August release, the ability to view your avatar in 3D will remain in place through the show info window on characters.

You’ll also still be able to customize the look of your avatar through the station services panel the same as you can do right now.

All the apparel that you currently own will still be available to you and will remain usable as it currently is now so that you can show it off to other pilots.

There are no plans on the roadmap right now to expand on the locations within the client where your avatar will be viewable to others, however given that the character creation system and the avatar system remains untouched by the removal of the captain’s quarters environments and is regularly maintained as part of the new player experience, there is the potential possibility for this in future.

Now about the code they used to create Captains Quarters, isn’t it the same code they use to create Apparel items?

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Create? You mean display with animations?

For creating apparel and other assets they use different program than their game engine. But the display with lighting, animations, texturing, shaders, all of that was common code shared between character creator and CQ and other windows in game displaying characters, I think.

What could have posed some major problems is the environment code. The characters part of it may have been a lot less code, able to be fixed in house. Their team was too small to take up major code overhaul for 64 bit so they have cut some parts of it out.

No need to quibble over semantics, you know what I meant.

I already posted what CCP said about the code, they were doing 4-6 weeks of development work each year to maintain it and updating the CQ would take roughly 6-8 months of development work. They decided their Dev time would be better served elsewhere.

Creating from scratch is zbrush or other industry standard then placing in game engine as gr2 model file and dds files as textures.

I have heard about some of their internal tools used to set the scenes and lighting on their ships, but they are used rather to arrange, since they have to get assets created first outside engine.

I only just noticed how excited that guy is to be standing in his docking bay.


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