The Selling Factor


The only way you have to avoid sentiments like that is to fully integrate the game to EVE.

Yes, fully.

People won’t pay for a shooter when plenty of free alternatives exist. They will pay for a shooter that builds on everything they have already done in EVE.

Integrate Vanguard with the EVE Market AND ISK, or something linked to it, or people won’t care.

As for the people who don’t play EVE, you have to find a way to link Vanguard and EVE in space, where people are out and pushing buttons. That’s the selling argument, anything else is just window-dressing. Bombardment was nice, but it was terribly linear and one-button’y, which is understandable for the time, but now you should be able to do better.

Don’t make the Hyena mistake, nobody cares that much about the fancy elements.