The sense of mismatch caused by the ISK coefficient is driving players away from Sovereign area

To 2CP:

I am a Fraternity player and have been playing for more than a year. I want to feed back some of my personal views on the changes to the bounty and industry. There may be some self-righteousness, but it is indeed my heartfelt words.

Limited by my English level, I write in my native language and then translate it into English through translation software, which may cause some misunderstandings of reading barriers. I apologize in advance.

The first is the question of the ISK coefficient and the changes to the ESS:

This is two aspects. Everyone can understand that this series of changes is made for pure farmers and farmers who gather together to keep warm in a certain area. It has some effects, but personally, I think these changes caused too much “injury”.

First of all, I want to guess what the intent of these changes is. This prevents farmers from producing a large amount of ISK without interaction in a certain blind spot area. Let the farmers be forced to fight with the robbers because of the existence of ESS. Weaken the production capacity of some regiments produced by the group, especially the ISK production capacity of the major alliances. Let the farmers come out of the dead-end galaxy and go to some more active galaxy production adventures. Of course, some of these farmers are BOT, which is also the number one enemy of all our players.

These changes did achieve some of these effects, but he not only achieved these effects. From my personal experience, he caused a lot of influences that are really not conducive to the development of the Legion and the Major League. However, the problem is that these The impact of influence on people’s psychology is uncomfortable. On the basis of acknowledging that these changes have achieved some of the effects you expected, let me elaborate on the other effects they have caused.

The appearance of ISK coefficient:

  1. The destruction of the atmosphere of cooperation. It turns the ISK in a certain area into a limited resource, which means that members who produce in the same area have changed from the original cooperative relationship to a competitive relationship. When some members produce too many ISKs, the reduction in coefficient will cause dissatisfaction among other members. This kind of atmosphere in a game is fatal and very uncomfortable. I want to emphasize that this is very important. Most of the players who are active in the Player sovereignty area like the experience of cooperating in the territory. We enjoy the experience of members helping each other to build a bigger and better country. However, the competitive atmosphere caused by this ISK coefficient undoubtedly undermines the atmosphere of cooperation. There may be some people who did not realize it, some people realized that they did not say, and some people may have expressed dissatisfaction with their teammates because of this, but there is no doubt that this kind of damage to the atmosphere is happening and deepening.

  2. The Sense of mismatch of the role of the dead-end galaxy. There is no doubt that for a Player sovereignty area company, it is a very good choice to gather in a dead-end galaxy and build its own defense system. After you introduced the ISK coefficient in order to drive the player out of the blind spot and go to a more active adventure, what is the role of the original blind spot galaxy? It has become a very embarrassing area full of disharmony, this sense of enclosure Produced between geographical advantage and ISK coefficient. As a sandbox game, is the key geographical advantage a factor that should be forcibly weakened? The Sense of mismatch to me is that the designer is reminding me, "Brother, this is just a game, go out Let’s play with others.” This feeling is very contradictory, not free, and not sandboxed.

  3. Decreased enthusiasm caused by continuous negative feedback. Maybe the designer’s original expectation was that when people started to nomad, there would be some more interesting interactions. But in fact, the interaction of this game is not straightforward, and sometimes even torture. I really like some battles around ISK in ESS, but more battles will turn into maneuvers and temporary camps. In order to avoid circumstance and temporary camps, many people still follow their previous habits to produce in a certain dead-end galaxy. When the coefficient is reduced, and they are unwilling to go out to “interact”, the reduction in revenue (this reduction is a continuous negative feedback) will lead to The enthusiasm gradually decreases, and finally, this decrease in enthusiasm will gradually persuade some people to reduce the time to go online, and finally AFK.

  4. Sense of mismatch of the overall income of the Player sovereignty area. Personally, I think the main theme of EVE is to let players start from the Highsec area, gradually move towards Lowsec, and finally fight for sovereignty in the Player sovereignty area Players who lose in the fight for sovereignty can return to the Highsec/Lowsec/pirate area. This means that the Nullsec area being contested should have a better overall profit. The current situation is that the revenue of the Nullsec region is close to or even lower than that of the Highsec region. This mismatch between revenue and positioning also creates a serious Senses of mismatch. I think the Sense of mismatch is always the deadliest of role-playing games and sandbox games. Shortcomings. Many of my friends have left the sovereign region because of the reduction in income, and the main mode of production has become a task, but your intention is not to drive people out of the sovereign region, but to activate more inactive galaxies, right?

  5. the Null region is getting safer because there are too many large alliances, and the biggest advantage of large alliances is their super flagship umbrella. On the contrary, small sovereign companies rely more on Farm bounty income because they Rorqual cannot be used for a long time. I know that 2CP will strengthen the income of the small mining fleet, but in any case, the ISK coefficient hurts small sovereign companies more than large alliances.More and more small companies are forming alliances, aren’t they? The dependence on the super flagship umbrella contributed to this status quo, and the ISK coefficient only harmed players in the entire Nullsec region indiscriminately.It will only make the originally inactive sovereign area more inactive. Now major alliances are working hard to control the pirate area, because there is more profit, but in fact, although the personnel there are mixed, the battle there is more difficult to trigger because of it. Depend on Probe. More importantly, the invasion of the pirate zone by the Sovereign Alliance is also a sense of mismatch.This phenomenon stems from the low income of the mismatched sovereign area, and the more organized and combative player group seeks to expand, and further assimilate that side into an order under the control of a large alliance. Unless you weaken the area except Highsec to nothing. The need for expansion. So what is the significance of these areas? I want to summarize this phenomenon as forced matching, even if it is getting further and further away from the original positioning of the region. Moreover, the triggering of the battle in the Pirate Zone and the Lowsec area is more dependent on Probe, which weakens the interactivity, doesn’t it?

  6. The above are my personal views on what is currently happening in the Nullsec area. In these views, my statement may have some similar feelings of discrimination. For example, start from Highsec and move towards Player sovereignty area; or, the revenue of Player sovereignty area should be higher. I am not discriminating against players in the production activities in the Highsec area, but I think that there should indeed be some progressive game depth content. These differences in security levels should also be correctly reflected in the revenue to reduce this Sense of mismatch. I noticed that there are some similar wealth gap surveys in the previous questionnaire. My opinion is that the wealth gap reflected in the activity area and the number of skills is normal, and the more wealth gap in this game comes from information barriers, not .

The second is the less important feeling about the changes in the industrial revision:

Non-imperial ships added some hard-to-obtain materials. I think the designer’s statement is that increasing the types of materials and production links can allow more people to participate in the entire manufacturing process and gain benefits (probably so). However, the fact is that the industrial manufacturing of many ships has completely ceased, and they are now completely dependent on LP exchange. On the contrary, this is very devastating to industrial manufacturing. This has also caused part of the blueprints to be completely meaningless now. The non-existent manufacturing process caused by these meaningless blueprints and directly exchanged ships has caused Sense of mismatch. Especially when some players are facing blueprints full of warehouses.

Finally, some of my personal suggestions:

Although the complainant has been complaining, he may only complain and cannot solve the problem. But I still want to make some suggestions, whether it works or not, I hope this game becomes better.

  1. Completely cancel the ISK coefficient. I have explained the impact of it above. The atmosphere of cooperation, the role of the dead-end galaxy, the constant negative feedback, all kinds of Senses of mismatch are making my active partners less and less. This is happening, so I am urgent. Hope there can be some changes.

  2. If you want to weaken the status quo of player group production, you can reduce the number of anomalies in each galaxy. Although this will also lead to competition among members of the legion, this sort of first-come-first-come competition is not so offensive.

  3. I hope that the designers of EVE will not use high-sounding reasons to actually limit the freedom of the players, like the designers of some other games. This is a free universe, and I don’t want to be instructed how to play games. No more Sense of mismatch. No more Sense of mismatch. No more Sense of mismatch.

Finally, I hope EVE can be more active as you wish.

I would like to remind you that there may be many strange terms and expressions due to translation reasons, please understand.
I have noticed some hints that we are a robot. In fact, I am not. Inquire about information about me and my friends, or come to check in person. In response, I think these hints directly reflect narrowness and despicability


Nullkrab tears best tears


My current production method, PVP skills and intensity have nothing to do with Tears.

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I can see that. Your OP says nothing about your



TLDR: “The game would be much better if CCP would make it so that we can farm more without having to worry about anything like pesky competition from other players.”

Like you can see how the person is trying to convince (themselves, for the most part) that they’re expressing a very objective, enlightened perspective for the good of the game and everyone in it, but the subconscious motivation is to just have more stuff for themselves.

The reason why null-sec revenue is being hit with a nerf bat (it’s still objectively the highest in the game anyway) is because none of you are fighting each other because of your 30,000-man null blocs and “spirit of cooperation” etc cetera. At least you can get killed in high-sec.

You are greedy.


“Beep boop, need more isk beep boop. Otherwise pleasure control center not getting enough stimulation beep boop”




No matter what you speculate about my intentions.
Please pay attention to the facts I stated.
There may be problems with any model, but no matter what, do not deliberately design and change it, which will lead to a sense of violation.
Finally, farm income in sovereign regions is already very low, and mining is currently the only substantial income. Where you see the high coefficient, there is no farm in fact.

Undecent discrimination

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Then move to high-sec, where the income is “higher” because when you undock, there is an actual risk of losing your ship. Higher risk, higher reward, right?


Don’t worry about me, I am earning LP in the Pirate Zone.
Don’t be too enthusiastic about my situation and intentions, and more concerned about the facts, this kind of communication may be more efficient.

I haven’t seen any yet.


It may still need to be seen and experienced more

Panda bear tears best tears.

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I think this part is true and playing out as described. We see that the Praxis and Gnosis are top use of their T1 classes, and considering that they are “free” ships unbound by the industrial chain is depressing. People are using giveaway ships instead of using ones that were built by players. Sad.




Position is more important than opinion, isn’t it

I thought it was a universe created by players, but now it’s a little bit less like that.

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Null bears still don’t realise how much more isk they make with so fewer characters. As though it wasn’t right there in the MER…


My responses to your points:

Point 1. The shift from cooperation to competition.
Limited resources are with us in all aspects of Life. Enlightened leadership can guide us, through rules and procedures when dealing with this. I understand Fraternity has a large amount of space to use for this purpose.

Point 2. Dead end constellations. The Imperium has shown us the defensive advantage of a well guarded constellation! At the same time they sustained themselves through taking part in all profitable parts of the game. It is important to not focus too much on one thing.

Point 3. Negative feedback. There us also positive feedback for fighting the NPCs in a dangerous system or performing a daring bank robbery from your enemies.

Point 4. Null sec income. The developers want us to use all parts of the game and when we over-use one part it will become less valuable. Go to where the opportunity is and seize it.

I think many players have the old fashioned thinking of being a null sec (only) alliance. To win you must become an everywhere alliance.

Point 5. Buying ships with LP vs. building ships with blueprint. I agree this could be improved so it is not so out of balance.

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NPSI gang roaming through FRAT space.

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I agree with your point of view. In fact, I also agree that the universe is too rich in physical assets. I hope that there will be a way that is more acceptable to the player’s psychology to usher in these changes. The decreasing ISK coefficient is a spreading and continuous negative feedback.