The Three Faces of Language of the Ancient Pyramids

The Three Languages of the Pyramid.

A pyramid has three sides and during the day no matter which side you are looking at that side is always visible to the naked eye allowing humans to see what creation has created with light. Even though all three sides during the day are illuminated by the sun the viewer is only able to see one side at a time meaning that the other two sides are shrouded in darkness. During the nighttime when the Moon reflecting off of the pyramid creates the same effect. One side is visible in the Moonlight while the other two sides are shrouded in darkness or the three faces of creation but all are still present and seen by others on all sides at the exact same moment.

The language of the hieroglyphs could be written in the same manner. When light strikes the surface of the hieroglyphs we are able to read and see what was created in the language that is then contained within the pyramid that we can also see.

But what about the hidden world of the pyramid? Much like the ability of the human eye to see objects in certain light wavelengths similar to the face of the pyramid the faces of the pyramid that are dark like space is, none the less has its own language as well that we cannot see. We call that language that we cannot see atoms, particles and molecules.

Therefore each face of the pyramid would have its own sub language written within plain site but in the darkness much like the three faces of the pyramid during the day time but only one side can be see clearly.

What I have done is I have taken a section of hieroglyphics and cut out the actual glyph from the section and then darkened the area around where the glyph would have been. Do you think the hidden symbols made of the darkened backdrop could be a hidden language of the pyramid itself much like the other two sides of the pyramid are hidden during the day even though they are in the full spectrum of the sun?

What would the third language set be?

Could it possibly be arranging the hidden symbols in such a manner where the hidden symbols when symmetrically aligned with each other would create a bridge through the darkness and then into the light of creation?

The image below is a glyph that I removed actual glyph from. What language could the darkened section be saying?

If the sun lit side of the pyramids is showing us the face of creation through language that transcribes ascendancy based on math and engineering then the darkness between the seen language has to be saying something as a pyramid is three sided and has depth and is not simply 2 dimensional.

The language of the hieroglyphs of the pyramids would have to be 3 dimensional in meaning of origin as well.

Actually it would four dimensions of language within the language that one can see if you count the floor of the pyramid as a face as well. Four dimensions is correct because you wouldn’t have a pyramid but a cone without the fourth face of the pyramid.

Wrong. Pyramids in Egypt have a four-sided base, thus they have four faces.

And after this the rest of the message makes even less sense. Don’t mix substances with the forum, people.


Probably not, or the probability are equally false.

I actually have a pyramid that doesnt have a base. :ok_hand:

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Before you rush to judge OP Dryson… consider this:

-People came out of the forests, prairies, and into the moist fertile zones.
-Apparently along those 1,000 year trails, they found good edible grass seeds, which grew in loads and were good to eat and for feeding up the children. Rice, wheat, corn, like that. And they decided to see if they could also make those things grow in better areas. Such as moist black dirt areas, along the banks of rivers. 'It’s not native here, but maybe it will take root and go? Let’s see-- why not?"
-Can you imagine the path of a human taming and domesticating such a thing as a wild dog, a svelte cat, a wary grouse (chicken), a buffalo, or a horse?
-From there, how long to a pyramid? How long to a village? How long to messenger, and local punch-ups, and everybody agreeing that they all agree on something and become something like a tribe/nation?

Ancient Egypt is a mystery. But probably not that much, if we put it into perspective, and consider going from pack to tribe to clan to nation to kingdom might have been.

Edit: To better understand ancient Egyptian society, I’d recommend Joseph Campbell’s Oriental Mythology. It was a collectivist, pre-individualist society. Very alien to modern ways of thinking.

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Is that fourth side that you refer to could it be the fourth dimension of language or a connection to understanding?

The reason why ancient Egytian mythology and engineering is interesting is because of the duality between the engineering of the pyramids complex innovations that made them possible.

Did you know that one way that the pyramid facing blocks were thought to have been made so level is that water was used to create a perfectly flat surface. A block was set into a form under water and then water was added that creates a perfectly straight plane across the block. Actually the plane is curved because the Earth is curved so the water would be curved as well, but such a curve was very unnoticeable.

The facing blocks were then chipped at while under water to make them so smooth and perfect that not even a credit card can fit between two blocks. A construct so perfect for the facing of the pyramid that covered a rather rude and hastily thrown together foundation.

Could a layer be hidden in the language as well where even though the speech is perfect or the facing of the person, could there be cover up of a very rude and hastily put together sub context under the spoke perfect speech?

There has to be something more to the language of the engineering of the pyramids or the facing of the language of their creation compared to the written language in the hieroglyphs.

If aliens did visit humans long ago, why give everything to us on a platter? Why would they want to not invoke the sense or mystery and discovery along with invoking character within life to make life a bold and determined creation that strives to explore instead of sitting in cave? Bold and mysterious just like the engineering of the pyramids.

I’m okay with the religious and political comments as it might help figure out the question that I am postulating.

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