The way I see it

Usually when the difference between doing or not doing something boils down to my ability to allocate an additional $5 dollars per month to it, I tend to realize i’m not very invested or interested in the activity in question in the first place and decide to stop doing it out of pure boredom. I might then also realize that as someone who isn’t invested or does not care in said activity, that my opinion about things such as what the activity costs is of little to no consequence.

$20 for an MMO that offers the scope of activity that Eve does - regardless of whether or not you agree with CCP’s design choices - is not unreasonable whatsoever in today’s market and being able to afford it does not qualify anyone as ‘Elite’


I know a number of professional basketball players who only play ball so that they can afford to PLEX their accounts. I’m sure if CCP focused on this market, the game would really grow.

Yes, and they’d undock in officer fit Bhaalgorns and Titans just like every other rich dummy with access to a credit card who doesn’t understand the mechanics of the game or have any experience or skills, and they would lose their ships in spectacular fashion providing content for hundreds or thousands of players in the process…just as has been done a hundred thousand times in the past. Such is Eve.

Not likely hundreds or thousands can afford to pay $1M per month for sub unless they all are rich people. :stuck_out_tongue: #nopoors :wink:

Only running my main account right now

I normally run 3 but I can’t afford £60 amonth, Yesh I is a poor.

Also Sick of burning Isk on Plex, I swear I’ve spent like 400b on Plex in my life in Eve.

Alice Saki is not subbed, as much as I’d love to keep my Titan/Super on Standby I can’t :expressionless:

Rich people are rich for a reason. I can guarantee that they’d be more successful at the game than the average new player, even without knowing anything about it.

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Sorry, is there a point or is this just a rant?

Oh oh me miss me me

Is the answer… Because they try to keep their money and not spend $20 a month on a toy game?

No, I mean gameplay-wise. If you give EVE to some ultra-rich businessperson, and tell them that they can build their own industrial/military spaceship empire, they probably won’t spend their first five years in the game quietly mining Veldspar eight hours a day while trying to convince themselves and everyone around them that their pauper mentality is a “valid way to play the game.”

It lines up with what I see in the game, too. The ones who are complaining about the extra $5 the loudest are poor as ■■■■ in the game too.

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I have little clue about finance, etc.
I see a product which has no difference in cost if it’s sold to 100 or 1000 customers.
Some comparisons @ OP don’t fit IMO.
EVE was not worth the prior sub price. I paid it for the OP expressed reasons, mostly. So, I think this thread is anachronic.

True, they will just find someone else to do it while they do nothing.

That said, thats what I did and Im not a wealthy business person in real ife

Because unlike here, in real life Im not a total dickhead

The way I see it, PA/CCP did the right choice with sub increase. They will likely earn more money this way anyway. And thanks to this players are lowering the amount of accounts they multibox, which is definitely going to make EVE more healthy.

Yes PCU will drop, but those weren’t real players anyway. And eventually after PCU thanks to this drops too much, CPP might be finally forced to do some space trimming which is so needed.

Honestly, the amount of players playing EVE right now is enough for us all to get fun, problem is that the space is too vast so that we don’t find each other or rather it takes too much time to find the person you want to find.


the quality of actual games out there at the moment are what got me back into eve about a year and half ago after what must have been a 6yr lay off other than world of warships and cyberpunk i dont play anything else at all anymore…dont get me wrong i wont be going back to null anytime soon but its still a blast to play even if i havent gone back to a corp

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That sounds like a complaint for the CSM then. And now that you mention it, I don’t see members of the CSM participating on this forum. not one post since the last CSM elections. How typical of politicians: once they get your vote they take a vacation.

Actually everyone is complaining they pay way more which is understandable. I get it. Which totally sucks if you don’t have alot of money to throw at things.

However I’m paying less. Normally I played all year, but never paid for the 12 month sub. Well now I did.

This is very typical CSM behavior. Brisc and Mike are 2 of the only CSM (current or former) who have engaged on the forums in a meaningful capacity on any sort of sparse-but-semi-regular basis. In recent history, that is.

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And the players are okay with missing/invisible representatives? I would’ve thought members of the CSM to at least be interested in what the players want and think and be a bridge of communication between the players and CCP.
Obviously Mike and Brisk have understood that but the absence of members of CSM on the official forum for EVE is very telling.
Looks like only the players care about this game. Looks like EVE is a boat adrift without captain or crew.

Who gets to decide who are rabble. Rich doesn’t necessarily equate to elite.

This is a good take on the subscription raise. I like the idea of there being less multiboxing.

It is a complex issue however.

Depending on what you want from the game you may feel like ccp has introduced plenty of new content to the game to justify its price point.

If you don’t feel this way you may feel ccp are expecting you to pay the same amount for a game that is declining in numbers and hasn’t had any major new content in years.

Third still are the group that were really excited when they said ‘…we are putting up our prices but just wait till fan fest and see all the new content we have planned…’ then watched fan fest.

That third group is the majority of people I know who are currently disenchanted. I hear the words “fan fest broke my spirit” a lot.

I like the idea of less multiboxing, I don’t think it will happen but I like the idea. I don’t think CCPs decision is right for everyone. It will be a decision made knowing they will say goodbye to some of their customers but weighed against the increased income from the ones that remain. Is it right for CCP? Well we’ll have to see how the company performs after it’s all had time to stabilise. Fingers crossed it means good things.

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