The weirdest EVE break


I will kinda quit EVE in the next weeks, but I will return if I win the lotery!

Why quit?
I LOVE EVE, EVE is great, but I already did everything I wanted in EVE, I finished my EVE goals, they are done.

Why come back if I win the lotery?
Because I would return for becomming the greatest multiboxer who ever lived among all online games.
If I was disturbingly wealthy I would sub +150 accounts and just gank people non stop, over and over. I would run mostly on high and low sec. And if I saw that the EVE clients and the computers can have more alts i would have up to 300 dps alts.

I would not rest until I become a living meme until people like Asmongold do reacts to videos about me multiboxing in EVE and say that I am ridiculous, crazy but also awesome.

How would I do the clicking in time with so many accounts without input broadcasting before CONCORD arrives?
I was an amateur drummer in the past, who even played a little bit in a doom metal band… what I would do is just set this:

  • modify EVE-O, since I am a programmer too, I would have 3 arrays: array of scanners/probers, array of tacklers and array of DPS pilots and have my own hotkeys as I see fit for my own needs
  • double bass pedals: cycle through the pilots of the selected array
  • snare drum as mouse1
  • high tom for jump/dock
  • other toms would be other things
  • use a voice command for activating/deactivating eye control

The eye control is for moving the mouse to desired icon, so use the voice to activate it, then move the cursor with your eyes and then use the voice to deactivate the eye control. This would make mouse cursor to stay still on the desired icon. A good word would be ZAP for activating and deactivating.

Then start rocking that snare and pedalling the double bass just like this guy at 8 seconds:

The setup would require a piezoelectric sensor on each drum part, the signals would be sent to an Arduino board and transformed from beats to keystrokes in an Arduino app. That’s really simple, I have Arduino and already did quite some things with it.

So I would return to EVE for that, for being an one man A-10 with possibly hundreds of ships on grid:

After being all set then I would stream, but my stream would not be boring as other streams, it would have 3 sections:

  • Snitches Get Iskies: people could snitch others so I could gank them and then pay a tip to the snitch

  • Wheel Of Death: a spinning wheel would decide which hull would have to die, Orcas, Freighters, could have many options, the the loot should be given away to the audience. Today’s giveaways are mind numbingly boring and offer no content. Aiko may be the Princess, but I would be the Empress since I would offer bread and circus. Panem et circenses!!!

  • Mercenary Jobs: offer jobs to the crowd, make them build your armada, haul your toys around, let them build the fleets for me and I would travel there with my alts and kill my followers enemies. They could get ISK for working behind the curtains or even give me ships for my huge dps fleet.

GAMBLING AND VIOLENCE is what people crave for!
When the wheel decides what has to die then yell: “The wheel has decided!” and follow it through as if it was a message from Bob himself and I his Messiah.

Where would I get ISK from?

  • Incursions: I would camp the incursion focus and extort 1.5 bil per fleet, there’s at least 5 fleets running that I know of, I would demand 1.5 bil per day until downtime from each fleet. No pay, then gank them until their SRP funds go bankrupt. An incursion fleet farms 1.32 bil in 8 minutes… there’s at least 5 fleets going on everyday, thats 7,5 bil a day for me!!! Or I would start sending smartbombing battleships over and over and kill all the logi and completely destroy the fleet and pod everybody I can. Also smartbomb all sub 1s Hecates flying faction stabs with nomad pods and blow any Bowhead I could.

  • Loot: I don’t mind killing empty haulers, I would kill all with no prejudice about what’s inside them, but loot is good. But if you are waiting for the good loot then you are letting too many people live and I don’t like that.

The people I don’t like in EVE like Razorback and others, I would just kill them many times, if they logged off then I would start killing anyone from their corporations and alliances and tell them why they died. If all targets disapear then I would kill anyone in the system the locator agent tells where they logged off and would push propaganda against my targets unto my victims. It could be the guy’s alts, so kill them all anyway just to be sure.

So I am not giving away all my ISK and stuf like I already did in the past and people were gracious enough to give everything back. Now I have a lot of stuff spread around New Eden, if I come back I will use everything.

Well, I love EVE, but I won’t be around doing the clicky things anymore, I would return for doing the most ludicrous things only but that would demand a lot of real life cash, so this is why I am saying that if I win a big lotery I will be back.

If my plan would work or not, I don’t care, I would do it even if it was just something funny to do… never expect from me being those ridiculous miners with 20-40 accounts mining the belts or mining incursions year after year and being toxic to everybody who in their eyes are “bellow” them.

I’ll still be on for a few weeks, so thanks for flying, thank you fcs, thank you all, but I’m not really comming back here just to have the same experiences I had before.


I want something more than multiboxing mining and my break will be in New Eden with the faction wars.

It could like saying I no longer want to eat chicken for dinner I want to eat steak.

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The chance u die on the way to getting a lottery ticket is higher than winning…

“I LOVE EVE, EVE is great, but I already did everything I wanted in EVE, I finished my EVE goals, they are done.”

Im very happy ur not some guy whos like:
Wouwwww i do not lieke da new ■■■■ i quit lol…
I never cum back…

Since the chances ur winning the lottery are very very low i would politely ask:“can i have your stuff?”

I will not use it just for myself i will use in in bravecollective to finance fleets fced by me so newbros can get some nice and shiny ships

would really apreciate it if you would give me your stuff.
And alot of newbros in brave 2


Yeah I love EVE and I’m not mad at anything at all, EVE has improved in many ways.

That’s true, but who knows, if any very good turn of events happen and let me have the funds and appropriate room in my house to do exactly that with the drums… I would.

So this time I will not give all my stuff like i did in the past, I will sell all my stuff (except BPOs) and i will shove Omega time and secondary trainnin qeues. I will hold to that little hope of such an amazing dream comming true, it may happen!

If EVE is still around in the future and I have a good retirement I could still do it without a lotery win.

I met all my EVE goals, this new goal would be being the greatest multiboxer of any game and EVE could help me in that, this is why this time I won’t biomass my gankers, wont give stuff, etc… in fact I will burn all the assets for Omega time… the alts that matter will be training.

I approve this message.

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Ok i hope your gonna return one day and that eve will be so much better than before : )

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Can you imagine?
You gotta take a gate and you have 300 alts, then you gotta to:
@ 2:29

I am not o drugs, I swear.

Dave Lombardo was the reason I started playing the drums, Slayer was my soul band.

are you doing a leaving game sale?

it’s not me!!!

I’m holding all my stuff in case I return, if I’m back will only return for the gank
I have no interest in everything else in EVE anymore

Arya before you go read my new post, always enjoy your feed back

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