Theoretical DPS to break tackle EHP?

The last (and actually also first ever) T2 interceptor that tackled my Orca is now a killmark. By mistake I launched T2 valkyries vs. T2 warriors. But by the time I noticed and wanted to change the drones it already popped. So with good drone skills and modules, they pop fast😇
And that’s all I need to know bro…
BTW I have 2 neuts for those that come close, a painter and sensor damp for those that kite the Orca. Fast combat drones because they are fast ships, and ECM drones as tools of final resort.
And I am amazed by the level of patience and goodness displayed by the people here.


We answered “it depends” because the OP asked us to give numbers to kill (i quote): “please run thru all the possible tackles” and did not give any precision about the setting. So “it depends” is the only answer that he deserves
We answered “it depends” because OP has posted on almost every section of this forum, with the same kind of question asking for the same kind of answers. For example Isotope harvesting numbers
as you will read he never gives any precision, and people answer “it depends”. In most of these threads, OP does not believe the people who answer him.
We answered “it depends” because, if OP cannot understand/believe us, other players, specially newbies, will read this forum. And i hope that some of them will understand that “it depends” is the good answer in eve to many questions, and if you wanna get more precise answers, you have to give infos on the context.


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Generalities, please. Just give me all the woodchuck fits.


I think Titans can fit warpscramblers too right? :joy::scream:


yes, you are right, “all the possible tackles” include tackling titans… so… how much dps would i need to kill a tackling titan? mmmmm if i am not able to quantify it, i don’t understand it… :wink: :wink:




This brilliant comment is the best possible outcome of this thread (very well done, @Ahari_Chent-Shi ). Probably best to let it die now. There’s nowhere to go but down from here.


And here I thought my comment was like hitting bedrock. :rofl:


I let out an audible and hearty chuckle when I read it.

A far superior response than the thread probably deserved :wink:


It depends.


I hope you read it out loud… 3 times fast!! :smiley:




Here’s the thing, There is a lot of “hidden” advanced tactics in eve because of its realism, and complexity. Spiraling, and coasting are good examples of this.

to be really good at this type of pvp in eve, you need to be aware of some important factors, for example, spiraling.

The reason for this is because if you do not understand spiraling, you cannot effectively counter it, as this type of moment is specifically developed for approaching. Excellent tacklers are aware that this type of moment can provide them up to (an additional) 45% EHP. This is because the angle at which you approach a target massively impacts the accuracy rates of the rival target.

To example spiraling further…

imagine you are walking at someone with your chest pointed at them, the effective range you can be hit with a paintball gun is about 2 feet (for example lets just say that value). However, if you approach with your shoulder pointed at them, you only have 6 inches. This means that you reduce their accuracy rates by up to 75%. In eve the same applies, however, the math generally works out that you on average in best case obtain a max of 45%.

This means your effective tank can be increased from 5000 hp, to 7250.

In order to properly deal with tackle using this tactic, you need to know how to move to cause them to shift their approach, and often most pilots are not familiar with counter-spiraling movement, which can result in a fast death for them (the tackle).

Thus we come into highly advanced discussion of movement, and theoretical mathematics that apply in eve, which is one of the reasons why call this “spreadsheets online”. However, to make that easy on you i will just tell you that spiraling in general results in no more then 45% Effective hit point bonus. I cannot express how important this is for frigate/destroyer and their t2/t3 variants. Basically you are useless with out them (all that and also not having a t2 cru logi that will rep you on approach).

This is why i say the killing rates of anti-frig cruisers needs to be so high (ie, !> // <= 3 seconds).

Now we come to another topic, which is the discussion of “coasting”. In eve, there is inertia, and if fitted correctly, and used right it can be a way to counter react tackle in eve. Lets say you jump through a gate, and there is a camp. You have a fairly fast ship, and choose to crash gate, but along the way you get a tackle point on you.

For a few ticks, the inertia, while its not reflected as your ship speed, takes place, effectively coasting you at 2000 ms while your over all speed reflects 100ms.

Understand this concept and perfectly it can be a way for you to effectively approach and pop an enemy with out actually getting tackled, allowing you to coast out of their effective point range. The result will be them having to drop their transverse speed (by turning to get you) to be able to re-tackle. This all takes place in the area of 2-3 seconds, however the exchange of volley’s in that generally favor the cruiser (depending on if its a high dps frigate tackle, like a garmur).

This is a dangerous game to play, but is part of this type of pvp game play.

These are just some of the things that need to be taken into consideration when asking important questions like that of “how much dps is required”. I say this because it may be more accurate to say “how much dps and accuracy do you need”.

You could do 100,000 dps but if you cant hit anything it dont matter. It may be more important to inquire about accuracy rates then actual dps. Keep that in mind. If you are dying a lot it may just be that your not landing hits. You should check combat logs to confirm if this is an issue.

If you have any other questions let me know.

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