There's no real reason to fight for EDENCOM*

There’s no real reason to do anything in EVE except personal, or group enjoyment. The rest of what you get is a bonus. If you don’t keep that in mind, you have a second job.

Did you have fun running the content?

Maybe we have different ideas of what “populated” is then. You’d probably never get a region like Aridia to be full of people even if most of it was hisec, just due to how far away it is from trade hubs. You might have some systems where it’s one guy multiboxing 20 orcas like I’ve seen in some of the hisec systems past Aunenen in Lonetrek, but those aren’t really “populated” either.

Honestly though, as someone who mostly does things solo anyways, what’s the problem with more dangerous, unused space? There’d be more anoms and sites there to run, more opportunities to kill the people running those sites, more chances for varied, solo PVP that isn’t just warping 50 catalysts to an untanked hauler and pressing a button. Any assertion to how trigsec will end up being is conjecture anyways as we don’t yet have the full ramifications of what doing something like turning a system two jumps from Jita in to trigsec is.

The reason I made my “blue donut” comment is that I’ve found that the vast majority of Eve players, when it comes to PVP, are so scared of losing more ISK than the guy they’re fighting that they just never fight at all. It’s something I can’t really understand myself, as my whole point of farming sites for ISK is to be able to buy and fit stuff for PVP to kill people or die trying. I’m not saying that you’re one of these people, but my original point was that I think this event can be a great opportunity to spark organic conflict between two ideologically opposed sides in different forms, from logi spam and alpha doctrines in hisec to straight up engaging enemy fleets in lowsec/liminal systems.

I feel like there’s a discrepancy in it, however, where EDENCOM doesn’t really have as many reasons to fight as Trigs do, which is why I’m asking CCP to give them something more tangible than just skins, Mimesis BPCs, and most likely ships that, in their current state are woefully underpowered. Devs like Convict that (iirc) worked on this as much as he has clearly wants the event to succeed, and I don’t think it’d be a success if all it came down to was one side grinding out NPCs unopposed.


Creating more unused space can hardly be called a success. Even if the trigsec systems became populated, they would draw away people from Aridia, Khanid and other regions that are underpopulated. My point stands.

Those aren’t populated because of the low sec turning them into an island. Aunenen, on the other hand, is populated a lot because it serves several purposes. I don’t need to see Aridia full of people in every system to call it populated. But flying through almost all the pipe from Hophib to Vehan or Sakht to Vehan without seeing anyone at all except for the Hier, is by definition unpopulated. There is no “difference” in definitions.

Look: Null sec m,uppets who cannot survive in their own home region come to a null sec high sec where they cannot be dropped and where unsuspecting people come by to farm them. Or Kin.Dza.Dza, who are a low sec alliance farms there now instead of low sec. Low sec gets emptier and easy farming grounds are created for “fun farming”.

You know what we don’t need? Garbage like that. You know what we need? More systems like Floseswin. Low sec systems worth fighting for or reasons to fight for low sec systems instead of high sec systems turning into low/null taking away people from there. Your organic conflict happens already in FW and sparks actually organically occurring conflicts like Floseswin. This Trig shits crap on the other hand? It forces garbage mechanics onto space that doesn’t need it, with no rewards, massive unrewarding grind and no perspective for betterment. Instead, we get more hard instanced PVP.

Well, if fun is the only reward then remove changing the sec status from the few trig systems…fair is fair.

But EvE isn’t.

Mechanics are.

You haven’t really played the game, have you?

7 yrs, mechanics are mechanics…its the players that use them to make the situation unfair.

The mechanics aren’t fair FFS. Itis one of the subjects most discussed on these forums.

You mean whined about…discussed is a generous word.

Whatever dude.

Well i don’t care about what they offer, i care about honor!

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