Things I Miss About Eve

A long, long time ago, I still remember…

Back when Freighters came out, the only way to get them from Null Sec to High Sec and back was to gate them the whole way. I was a member of Eve Defense Force, Ascendant Frontier back then, and every week or so, there would be a “Freighter Op.”

Every freighter pilot in the alliance would gather into a convoy, and the rest of the alliance would all form a fleet to web and protect them.

It never failed, somewhere along our path we’d be attacked, sometimes multiple fleets would attack us. It was our alliance vs. the world in some ways (and I’m sure it was that way for every alliance moving convoys of freighters).

What I loved about it, was everything I love(d) about eve. It was community! It was content! It was the whole alliance working together in unison, fleet operations, every week (or so). We were not just a bunch of people working together, we were an alliance in the true sense of the word.

While I wouldn’t ask nor expect CCP to nurf or get rid of Jump Freighters, Blockade Runners, nor Carriers and Titans, etc. I would ask them to try and find a way to bring the community(ies) back together that way. To give us a reason to have to form fleets and work together every week, that doesn’t punish the individuals, but rewards those who want to be part of a group by forcing us to work together as a group.

Eve should be for the individual (Missions, Faction Warfare, High Sec Hauling corporations, etc.)

But Eve should also be for the ‘guild’ for the group, for those who come to MMOs seeking to be forced to work together, so we can form bonds, find battle-buddies, and forge friendships.

Sure, there’s fleet ops now, but they’re either whaling fleets which is really just a form of trolling, or we attack other people’s I-Hubs, and really have no idea what’s going on. “Need to know biases,” type stuff. And while it’s fine for some people, even myself, to go on a mission and have no idea why we did what we did, it’s another thing to go on a mission and protect your convoy of freighters. You can see what you’re doing, know what you’re protecting, it’s right there. It was like Football, your team moving the ball closer to the goal, and almost always another team was there to try and block you.

I miss that.


EVE has become easier and safer while paradoxically becoming more complex. CCP should be doing the opposite; making it harder to do the big things and opening more points of risk, while reducing a lot of the complexity.

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What @Marcus_Right said.

The feeling of community is just no longer there, but I really don’t think its CCP’s fault (at least not in totality.) A lot of this can be blamed on the players.

You’ve got all these in-game cliques arguing over what is the “right” kind of playstyle in a sandbox instead of adapting to what pops up and dealing with it. This is a living world, not a scripted platform game.

Yeah, CCP definitely has its part in it, but only in the game mechanics aspect.

Community is built by people, not game mechanics. It just feels as if there is a new kind of player that needs catering to - the instant gratification clique. These kinds of players are the kind that will not last, though.

Maybe CCP should focus on getting a different kind of player to join the game. One that is interested in a deep and complex social environment that they must navigate.

I dunno, everyone has an opinion on it.


Crimson Harvest instead of :jack_o_lantern:


You can still do these freighter ops. They just won’t feel as great an achievement anymore because you will get roflstomped by a capital drop or another fleet dropped on you that is vastly larger than what you can stomach.

Not sure how “titan bridge your freighter swarm to several cynos towards low sec” is more complex than “gather 100s of people with skills for freighters, recons, full fleets + travel dozens of jumps in atrociously slow fleets + expecting a PVP engagement after every gate because people know what you are doing and they prepared for it + potentially losing all the things that you worked for for weeks”.
I have been part of Goodfellas long after the OP’s alliance’s time, but we still had to move freighters with Ihub upgrades from high sec through Keberz and HED- to titans along the way. That certainly was not less complicated than just building the things in your home like you can do nowadays. EVE has already lost a crap ton of its old complexity.
Just one example, of course.


I miss fighting FOR something in Eve.

Now days, the only reason to fight is to gain kill marks, and kills on the kill board. Sure, sure, occasionally there’s conflicts where one alliance might go burn another alliance, and every now and then things do shift around.

However, when I was a part of Ascendant Frontier, I felt like I was part of a nation. I was fighting for a virtual nation, that was made up of real people, who I felt a real connection to.

Now, I go on roams, and whaling fleets, looking for a fight, and if we win, I just feel like a bully. If we lose, I feel like a smuck.

I miss having something to FIGHT FOR in Eve. We were building something, now things are built, but I’d like to feel like I’m defending it… because it needs defending, and not just because someone else is attacking us because they’re bullies, but because it’s about survival. The need for territory, the need for space, the need for resources, survival. Not just kill marks.

There are a lot of things in Eve that are way better then when I first started playing, but I miss that from the old day, the feeling that we were building something, and the feeling that we were defending something, and the feeling that it mattered (even though, in the end its a video game).

If I just want to PvP with people who also want to PvP, I’d play an FPS, or MOBA, a RTS, or a game like Elite Dangerous where people opt-in to public space. I play Eve because I crave, I desire, the feeling of belonging to something bigger than me, a community, a virtual nation.

Eve used to say, “Build your empire!” Well, they’ve been built… Now what? It should be, “Now defend your empire!” Except, we’ve got nothing to defend it against, no players want to attack us, (and, while NPCs attacking our empires would be better then what we have now, I’m looking for empires of players vs empires of players), right now there’s no reason to bother with each other’s empires because there’s so much free space between us. There’s no border tensions, and no reason to have border tensions.

Gawd, I remember the old days when enemies would mine in the same systems we mined in… and so we’d fight them for those belts. We’d attack their miners, and on other days we’d try to get out to the belts and mine them before they got their miners on the field, and of course they’d attack us.

Making this post, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s way too much space, and way too many resources for the amount of players this game has right now.


No, it hasn’t. EVE has become more complex over time.

But what you’re talking about isn’t complexity, it’s ease and safety vs effort and risk.


Like when back in the day, there was a certain type of moon that was vastly more profitable than others, and the majority of them were in a single region… and a certain alliance controlled that entire region.

Of course i’m talking about Delve and Band of Brothers. I don’t remember the moon type or the exact amount, but it was something like only 20 of these moons existed in the game and BoB controlled like 15 of them.

Or before invention, when T2 Blueprints were all originals, and one alliance owned most of them? Yeah, that sucked. It created a massive power imbalance which is also no fun.

I’d like to see points of conflict, not a single point of conflict, personally.


This sort of still happens to a degree, more wormhole fleets running through low/nullsec systems to get stock to or from Jita, Amarr or other.

Not uncommon to see fleets of DST’s doing the run with scouts and cloaked escorts. Larger holes you might get the odd freighter fleet, but that’s limited to how much mass you can get in and out.

What I really miss is no skill queue. Waking up in the middle of the night to start training the next level gave me a sense of fulfilling a duty only dedicated players could enjoy. Not waking up made me feel guilty and mad at myself for wasting potential training time.


Ah, the good old days?

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More ice fields in high-sec.
Mission reward loot.
Missions in Jita.
Learning skill books.
Old character creator where race made a difference to attributes (couldn’t alter attributes back then). Seen several character creators over the years.
Collecting worthless drone parts in 0.0
When basic salvage was actually worth collecting and selling, used to make good isk then.
Just a picture as a character, I think those old ones had better backgrounds.

Plus no in-game shop and no PLEX


You two are masochists.[/deadpan]

Of course in the old days you could unsub with a long skill training and when you resub scribed the skill would have been completed. I’m sure quite a few used to do that.

You might be right even though the training skills was a bit of a pain back then, I strangely didn’t mind it.

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Actually one other thing I miss (although I’m sure there is more) and that was when you only had to train the one frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser and battleship skills instead of the race versions that we have now.

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When did that get changed?

When I started playing in 2008, you only had to rain Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills which covered all Factions.

Actually DeMichael is correct on what I was referring to, it was just the destroyer and battlecruiser that were the generic skills.

I think loads of us were training those skills to 5 before the change as if you had them at 5 for the change you were given all the race versions at 5. They did give us plenty of warning though.

They reduced some prerequisites so that you could essentially choose a ship and were able to fly that ship a bit quicker. Not sure if it was that beneficial though as you still have to train all the equipment.

As for the date can’t remember when exactly.

This took a long time to reply to, this thread got me thinking about older times in this game rather than typing.

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According to this article they were added in the Exodus expansion.

yep, too many systems and not enough players. dwindled player numbers and simply too much moon mining and belts and rats

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