This game is pure waste of time

This game is not! a MMO, and you will never change my mind, just because there’s a lot of people(20k ppl not even a lot) in it dons’t make it a MMO.
I have been playing for 102hours non stop (I REALLY gave the game a chance even joined a organization) , and i feel like i did all the content in this game .

Now all i do is repeat repeat repeat, and wait for skills to complete, what a garbage waste of time of a game, that’s why new players like myself never stay, this game is the most boring thing i have ever seen.

I spend most of the time doing jumps while watching netflix, HOLY ■■■■ THE JUMP MECHANIC IS SO STUPID, elite dangerous, star citizen , no man sky, all of them the jumps go from A >>>>>>>>>>>B in this game is like this A>>>>>>A1>>>>>>A2>>>>>>>>A3>>>>>>>>>A4>>>>>>B WTF, again what a waste of time!

I do mining while watching netflix, i do surveys while watching netflix, i even fight while watching netflix, this game is a second monitor game.

This game is full of OLD PEOPLE, because this game requires no skill whatsoever to play, its all random generator based on your skills and fits. And all you DO is left mouse click THATS IT, its the only control you need LEFT MOUSE CLICK.

That’s why the population is getting low or stagnated on the same number IS THE SAME OLD PEOPLE, that’s it i haven’t found anyone of my age playing this i asked the org ages, and everyone was 31+, its all old people watching Netflix and chatting LOL.

So if you have THE SAME SHIP and THE SAME FIT and the SAME SKILLS, and both attack at the same range same time, its PURE RANDOM, there’s no skill involved in this game whatsoever, like any other PVP MMO i played, this is BY FAR the most computer generated PVP i ever seen in a game.

I love all kinds of video games, and this game , gave me the WORSE experience EVER in a game, i felt like I WAS JUST WASTING TIME, holy cow i felt like i was not playing but watching netflix while doing something. There is no fun gameplay whatsoever, even veterans spend their time in chat because there’s nothing to do in this game.

Now the good aspects of this game, the community was very nice, very helpful the best experience on that department i had in a video game, mostly because most people here are 30+ so everyone is kind of nice but again they have to be because they probably are bored whit nothing to do so they spend their time helping and chatting LOL.

So i have to leave my input on the game, since i wont be playing it anymore, i felt like at least i drop my 2 cents into this.


I would ask you to give me your stuff but I don’t think you have anything of value…


apparently he hasnt discovered what those of us playing over 10 years have discovered.


Can I have your stuff?


one thing you need to remember young padawan, the above mentioned titles one of which is pure garbage that isn’t even a full game)
came many many many many years after EVE. EVE is hitting 19 years of age. Most of the mechanics in EVE have been in the game for so long, the current devs have a hard time doing any changes to them (without breaking something else)


This thread warmed the cockles of my heart.


Under that very specific scenario the out come is measured by fractions of events.

Fortunately, most if not all encounters are NOT nearly as close to being balanced. And that is where soft skills (your gaming skills, as opposed to hard skills the ones you train in game for) come into play.

What other MMO would have a more skill oriented outcome based on the totally equal scenario you outlined and why? :thinking:

The Server may not see it that way. The server could put one attack 1 second faster than the other, so therefore one will have the advantage. could that actually matter, maybe maybe not. But unless you are dueling with a friend to set this up, the odds of you being in this position, is nil.

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Well I love the game and I’m new to it. Been at it for 5 months now. Absolutely love it. Some people like running around in Fortnite. I like the slow pace of EVE. I like researching the modules, the market system, the exploration grind and recently I started PVP. Because I’m still new, I’m going after soft targets like miners first and it’s all been great. I do agree it’s for older people. I would say mature thinkers.


So a situation that pretty much never happens leads to an uninteresting result. Who cares? Virtually no pvp situation is like this, which is the essence of eve.



Mmm. Can I have that stuff? Your tears are delicious :smiley:

This game is pure waste of time

Isn’t that true of all games? Simply something to pass the time? Not all games appeal to all people.


All games are a waste of time.

This one is pure though.


I agree. But it is addicting. Like coffee.


Shut up nerd


I like the way you don’t write all the text upper case.
Probably you will reach the age 31+ as well, so see you in 10 years :wink:

Don’t do that (with any game), or 31+ will be harder to reach.

LOL, I don’t have that feeling after 5 years. My Rorqual skill queue is still half a year, but I don’t hurry.

This OP is pure waste of time… :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:

…though the replies are funny so it’s all good. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush:


EvE isn’t the real game.

These forums are.


Well, there is part of the problem. There are also buttons like F1, F2, alt-F1, Ctrl, D, S. These also do things much quicker to gain an edge on time management and save your left clicker.

You are missing the opportunities between each gate because you are too busy watching Netflix

Feel like and doing are two different things. It’s impossible to have learned all of the skills needed to experience everything in the game in 102 hours of gameplay unless you skill injected and bought plex to buy capital ships.

You are also missing out on the thousand-player wars.
Have you tried living in a wormhole?
Have you played with Project Discovery?
Have you tried being a Pirate?
Have you experienced gathering resources by hacking and then using them to create items in the industrial section?
Have you tried Planetary work where you build on a moon?

It’s okay though, a lot of us take a break from the game and come back in time. Eve is not a sweep through everything in a week kind of game.
But I get it, Eve is not for everyone.

:hugs: :partying_face:


What? I’m old? Since when is 30+ old?
lol… just finding this post made me laugh.

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