This is a game, but some misunderstandings are really angry

I joined a company mainly composed of Westerners, and after getting along, I discovered a very interesting phenomenon. Most Westerners have no understanding of modern China, and misunderstandings and discrimination are common! What I want to say is that most of the reports you see in Western media are nonsense! If you want to understand the current China, come to China and see the reality! You can also learn how YouTube bloggers in China view China!


This thread gives the subject of CCP a whole new context. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



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So you are saying the government HASNT radically changed the daily life of people living in Hong Kong since 1992, and that Cantonese are treated like equal citizens?


Media reports are not always true. If you have the opportunity to visit China

I dont fancy visiting China. I fancy visiting Hong Kong.

I notice your reply was evasive. At least thats a stereotype that seems to be holding up.


Sincerely, if you have the opportunity to come to China, don’t trust the media too much

Good point, although not exactly startling.

I doubt the average Chinese has a very good understanding of modern “westerners” either… particularly since the vast majority of them would strongly reject being identified as like “those other westerners over in that country”. No more than a metropolitan businessman from Shanghai would identify with a farmer from Xinjiang or a hardline Beijing Party member.

Nobody really knows what other people are like, sometimes not even those close to them. That’s why they develop stereotypes to have some notion of what the “us vs them” dynamic might contain.

Please do keep up any efforts to spread understanding and increased communication, the world needs a lot more of it.

However I strongly suspect you’ll get more buy-in from people if you don’t start off in your first paragraph stating “you people don’t understand and you’re full of nonsense!”. That rarely encourages minds to open.


If I ever visit China, you bet I wont trust the media there.


For most Westerners, they actually don’t care about China. What I want to say is that if you don’t know a country and haven’t been there before, don’t make statements that are offensive, especially insulting a nation! Only through communication can we understand each other

Okay, good advice. In that case, I’ll do my best to avoid accusing Chinese people of making offensive statements about countries in the West they haven’t been too, or insulting them by telling them they’re full of nonsense for not completely understanding a country on the other side of the planet that’s only recently begun to open itself to the outside world.

It would probably help my own understanding if you gave an example of the nonsense statements being made in Western media that are insulting and incorrect.


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My grandmother fled mainland China as the Chinese Communist party took over Shanghai during the second part of the Civil War after having suffered Japanese occupation during World War 2.

No thanks. Going back never seemed appealing.


Isn’t that a forte of China? Surely, Vietnam and the Philippines can tell a number of stories about insulting, ignorant and discriminating imperialism from China. :slight_smile:


The CCP is the most abusive government of this generation. The Tiananmen square massacre happened. Your government is currently committing genocide against a minority group within China and selling their organs. Serpetza on YouTube accurately describes what life in China is like as an immigrant. Most of them had to leave because of the disgusting government abuse. Not like the ones you show, the ones the CCP pays to lie and fool the rest of the world. Not all Chinese are bad people but anyone of any nationality that supports the CCP is gross.

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Aw man, now I have to support the anti-Imperials.

Thanks Adrain :frowning:

That’s why you know China so well, because the media you read every day and how many reports related to China are positive?