This is a game, but some misunderstandings are really angry

I see you ignored me. How about this elaboration:

The PLA planned to put my great grandfather and his family (including my grandmother) in front of a firing squad during the Civil War for the crime of being a successful businessman.


Do you know China 100 years ago? A dilapidated country full of corruption and inequality, any war or overthrow of power will inevitably conflict with existing collective interests, which is inevitable

i worked with a man from Tibet, who had numbers tattooed on his arm , from chinese “re-education” camp .
he told me of the two child policy ; if your second child is twins , the party generously allows the parents to choose , which one gets put to death .

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Oh my goodness, how could there be such outrageous words! What I said is of no use. For ordinary people who do not understand the real China, they can only understand it through the media, and how much of your media’s coverage of China is positive! In addition, your friend left a deep impression on others, and such lies can only deceive some people who have not been here before

Our country’s ruling party is a country that I feel has done a good job of protecting and accommodating ethnic minorities! The reports you have heard about ethnic minorities are not true. These are just policy propaganda from countries that want China’s development to stop. I have personally traveled to Xinjiang and it is really beautiful!

What is the problem with Australia? We have huge interests in trade with China, and we will work together with the United States to contain China in terms of security! Isn’t this very contradictory?

This isn’t an answer. It also doesn’t explain the woman who came to the US posing as a Chinese language teacher and asked for our family’s sole copy of my great grandfathers anti-revolutionary autobiography so she could „translate it“ for us, and then disappeared mid school year having fled to China with numerous other IP and other anti-revolutionary artifacts that just so happened to benefit the Chinese Communist Party if they were in their hands.

This was 2003 not „100 years ago“.


If the Communist Party really does what you say? Will there be such economic development? Will the people support such a government? Why is society very safe and stable? Is it because Chinese people do not resist? It’s not this government that can make me live a good life. Although this government has some imperfections, it is indeed leading the Chinese people towards prosperity and strength! This is a simple fact! Why did your grandfather flee China? In 2003, it was impossible for businessmen to escape China without breaking the law!

You completely misunderstand the timeline and I don’t have the patience to copy paste it for you again. My great grandfather fled China in the late 1940s, is now long dead, and his autobiography was stolen in 2003 by the Chinese government.

Actions do not excuse each other. „The government also did a lot of other good“ is a dumb whataboutism excuse that has justified terrible tragedies.

The difference between you and me is I can go to a public crowded monument in my country and freely shout both:

  • „The US government has done bad stuff“ and
  • „The Chinese government has done bad stuff“

I don’t believe you can go to a public crowded monument in your country and shout both. Disharmony is disallowed.


I hold a skeptical attitude towards what you said! In addition, in China, I can express my dissatisfaction with the government, and I often express it!!! Many things are indeed stereotypes, for example, Westerners believe that all Chinese people eat dog meat just like Chinese people believe that Italy is a mafia, stereotypes! This is not right!! Every country has its own problems, in my opinion, there is no perfect country!!!

Im not surprised you are skeptical.

Chinese people are great. The Chinese government stinks. Unfortunately, the Chinese government deliberately makes it hard for outsiders to tell the difference.

It’s not „outsiders“ problem. But I bet you disagree.


Stuff you wont read in a country where the truth is censored. The very fact that you don’t know about it makes the point.

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Don’t you know there’s a thing called VPN? I can read any publicly available information you can on the internet. So I know what you’re talking about, but I’m very responsible to tell you that a large part of it is a policy need to curb China’s development, not a real thing or information

Which country does not have an information censorship system? Is there any country that allows subversion of government and the creation of chaotic information
The false information in the media has harmed too many people, and this world needs communication, not blame

Most people have problems with the governments of others, but not with the people that unfortunately have to live in them. Saying that one government is without fault or are just excusing the actions of one’s government are more often than not misrepresenting that government. Allow others to make their own opinions on the governments of the world, don’t try to dictate them.

Yeah I think we can pretty much write off the OP at this point.


@Justunen_Yatolila Most countrees cant be so prowd of their abuses throughout history, China isnt alone in that.
I find it pretty hypocritical to criticize China while ignoring what some western governments did & r still doing.
Hitler’s Germany, rings a bell?

Speaking of Germany: Recently, they discovered yet another proven case of industrial espionage by Chinese guest scientists. China exploits and abuses the goodwill of countries, companies and institutions whenever possible and at massive scale. That has nothing to do with misrepresentation in western media. It’s simply Chinese reality, by their government and its people.


The Prophet finds it wild that a country would run a psy op on an electronic forum populated by capusleers.

Fraternity must involved thinks the Prophet.

Perhaps some capusleer’s lives in New Eden are financed by this alleged government for the sole purpose of propaganda?

Interesting tactic.

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