This is eve - Trigleve

You are a joke and you answer nothing about what i wrotte you. I have to use it soon, I need insane dps and logi at the same time. I will tell you what i think deeper.

Your comparaison with a domi navy is more than absurde. Compare the bonuses of the ship please. OH bru navy got a bonus with guns ? 6 high slots 6 turrets, over. You compare price like I don’t know what to say… What about the fit I’ve shared and the 4 reps cap stable ?

Works as intended, now ■■■■ off alredy.

Works as intended. FFS what is wrong with you people?

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Indeed, as it should be.

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That was a quote from almost two years ago when trig ships went through their first balancing, and was meant as a reference point of where things have changed and how even back then the Trig ships weren’t as OP as some put it.

Ok, you fit, without implants she’s just stable without midslots running. But to do so you’re used multiple CAP generation modules, RIGs and faction modules to get it to that state, and massive skills to get this CAP to this lvl (requires lvl5 Remote Armour Repair systems, on top of the Large Remote Repair Augmentor, and lvl5 High Speed Maneuvering).

2x Large Cap Control Circuit II
2x Cap Power Relay II
2x Republic Fleet Large Cap Batteries
1x Large REmote REpair Augmentor I (-20% cap requirement for RAR’s)

And then the CPU is almost impossible to get without very high skill lvls you’d have none available then mount most of this fit (Lvl5 CPU Management, Lvl5 Energy Grid Upgrade {to decrease all cap related modules CPU requirements) As mentioned above by others and as noted later, Trig ships almost also float in the high 90%+ CPU usage and powergrid usage, if you want a good fit. Even my Drekavac with no RAR’s uses over 90% CPU, and sits low at 75% in powergrid compared to other fits.

Your fit is a pure fleet ship, ideal for Structure bashing, Incursion or faction warfare fleets, but it’s useless solo, PVP or in a fleet that has no other logi ship.

But even so, most Trig owners/pilots know that running this sort of fit is deadly, as if you get engaged in EWAR this fit will fail with its +13.9% CAP regen if it’s forced to spider tank with another fleet member, without remote cap support.

Most fleet fits limit RAR’s to 3 with 1x LArge remote Cap Transmitter (meta1), and the rest of the fit is split between tanking and DPS, but even the basic fits are @ 1.4bil isk, and the elite fits are @5.9bil isk. All with over 100k EHP and starting DPS of @ 1000DPS.
I should note that every one of these basic and elite fits are sitting at 98%+ in CPU usage, and that with a high skills character, powergrid on these fits are high too.

The best I can get out your fit is a base starting 822.8 DPS from the turret alone with Occult T2 ammo, and with that’s with max Trig skills for ship and turret.

Now here’s the kicker, with that high DPS I can only get target within 23km, that’s including max turret skills and the best optimal range bonus implant. most other Battleships can keep out of that range making your fit mincemeat as it’s unable to get the OP DPS you keep harping on about.

an Armageddon with RHML’s and drones can sit outside your turret range and constantly hammer this fit till the your dead, and you’d be able to do nothing about it, if it happens to have necros installed it’ll have no cap issues as it’ll pull it straight off your Leshak, and with a grapple midslot fit you’d be unable to get away. Throw in 5 Sentry drones do increase it’s firepower or 2x Geckos and 3x light T2 drones you’d have no drone defense or attack capacity to counter.

To carry on with this OP leshak fit of yours the Tracking of the turret is average with other large pulse/autocannon/blaster turrets, that’s also including max tracking skills and the highest tracking speed enhancer implant. But useless against fast movers without midslot module support.

So in a one on one this fit is dead, even if you used Meson ammo to increase it’s range to 3x, but that would cut your DPS in half, and even that Arma missile fit would still have range on this OP fit.

People forget the limitations of the turrets, for some stupid reason they still think of the Trig turrets having the same capabilities like the other turrets.

Trig turrets have NO FALL RANGE, this means if your turret has 21km optimal range, that’s it, there’s no extra drop off range that other turrets have.
For example;
Tachyon Beam Laser II
Optimal range 52km default
Falloff range 20km * default*
This means by default this laser could hit a target 112km away. With good skills, modules/scripts and radio lens it can hit a target in optimal range upto 175km and maximum range of 783km (but saddly this isn’t possible, due to target lock range limit of 300km)

So the shows even if a Trig ship has a possible massive DPS at full cycle, it’s useless if you have a target that sits outside it’s turret range doing 1/2 the Trigs damage to the Trig.

Trig ships have to be inclose, and to do so they need tank, they need good CAP features and the bonuses they have, but they need to be fitted correctly for the engagement. RAR’s are dumb if not in a fleet, Smartbombs are only useful outside of Highsec, and EWAR modules require CPU and Powergrid. While all other battleships can choose their engagement range and any possible combo of fits.
The Trigs are limited in fit designs.

So are Trig ships OP?

Yes if you’re stupid enough to engage them when it’s in their benefit, but if you keep range, their as useful as tits on a bull.

Hence the reason I use other Battelships for specific roles, as I know the limitations of the Trig ships and turrets, I also know how to get the best advantages out of them too.

You’ll find most Trig players are skilled players and have done heaps in other faction ships, and fly the Trig ships for the challenge they offer, it’s nothing to do with OP ships, as there are other setups that can do better.

Anyone can make a kick asse fit, but until then play it they have no idea how good it is. Only use of a fit proves it’s value.

I love how offensive he/she is being to you simpoly because you are proving him wrong. How people think these ships are OP and should be for newbies is beyond me.

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I say Triglavians should go after the players flying Triglavian ships.

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That would be boring. Fighting in near identical ships.

Personally love to see an effective 3 trig ship foam group in action. All i’ve seen it single Leshaks or the HAC doing sites, never see a Trig ROAM group other than the NPC system groups.

Good grief, @dewk, you need to leave your keyboard more often :smiley: :heart:

Lol, i know.

Did that last post while doing conduits in a Drekavac providing armour repair and sensor hardening boosts, for a Nestor, laser Arma and Domi. We were clearing the conduits so fast had time between conduits spawns to do that post, while the other salvaged.

Bugger was had to logi the Arma pilot with drones, due to low tanking skills, but the 3x T2 armour and 2x T2 shield medium drones do a good job. But meant pulling the combat drones.
Still heaps of fun, but when you have a group that know their ships limitation it always is, only time isnt is when you have idiots who believe they have a win-all ship and don’t know its limitations or their own, and the rest of the fleet spend most of the time on rescue duty.

Walking away from keyboard for a little.:wink:

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Who is everybody. i’v not heard this form the +250 playesr in multiple corporations i chat with.

Whats your history for bing so angry at Triglave.
Have you tougth if your leadership is the issue not executing better politics to rally more members or allied corps to combat sutch issue?

This comming responce may be to simple:
Its a Sandbox game YOU should adapt to the surrounding game and changes.
EvE needs be way more difficult to drive humans to invent new strategies.

Sadly for CCP it’s a double edged sword at every turn.

I agree that Trigalvian ships are very strong.

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You are damn right, i farm now with 2 leshaks 1 nestor. I just deal 2400 dps with a leshak t2, no worry better than my dreads sub cap guns :heart::slight_smile::heart: Don’t nerf anything :heart:

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