This was the skin reward I got today:

Waited like months for the pink-tier reward to show up (admittedly I don’t claim the regular queue every day unless there’s an event going on), and I got a trash tier destroyer skin.

I am obviously very angry and am considering unsubscribing five accounts over this.

Did anyone get anything interesting from the pink skin reward tier? On my other accounts it was mostly capital and black ops skins, but one account got an Ace of Podhunters for the Rokh.


Seeing that you want attention, yes you may receive some attention that you seek from Frostpacker.

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Keep up with that tough guy act, and the skin I’ll be putting on my ship is going to be yours.

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Well if this is the way you want it to be when Frostpacker was just about to send over a small gift to you.

You never picked up that hint “yes you may” but instead showed some territorial aggression just like a nasty cat would in highsec.

How about; “No, you Can’t”

It’s not my fault! You know that I have bloodlust!

Cat Bite GIFs | Tenor

I am trying my best to behave, so give the shiny thing!

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You do know that I am playing the mouse on this chase!
pink @Destiny_Corrupted Destiny Corrupted]

Coercers actually a good ship.

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It sure works for getting the daily skilling junk for one of my little alphas. The Thrasher flying alphas are jealous.

One week had passed and the kitty is still hiding from the mouse!



You got nothing I want
You got nothing I need

I don’t need crying lies
I don’t need stupid Wardecs
I don’t need Forever Wars,
And don’t think you can push me too far out of Highsec
You got the ISK, I got the time,
Nothing better to do, so you might just change my mind.

I don’t want to see you again
I don’t want you for a friend
I don’t want you hanging around
I don’t mind just putting you down.
You got the ISK, I got the time
Nothing better to do, so I might just change my mind.

I don’t have to tell you
How that you should decide to respond,
I don’t want to have to be the one to pod your Capsule.