Tie cloaking to the System Activity Index

I was thinking that Covert Ops AFK cloaking should be tied to a system’s activity index, and combined with the Sovereignty system and Standings System. Essentially, the more a system is used, the shorter your covert ops cloak can last and the longer the recycle time is of the module. The base level for a low active system will be indefinitely. The more a system is used, the shorter that gets. All 3 activity indexes would be used to calculate a new cloak time; sov index modifying it a little with Industry and Strategic Index modifying it a lot… This is to make sure ACTIVE systems are actually benefiting over inactive. However, if you own or are blue to a system owner, your cloak will last forever.

I think this simple solution will mean that people can still pass through systems when they’re trying to just get someplace where as you give benefit to the system owners. This also ends the incessant AFK cloak-er that makes Null Sec just plain awful. This also preserves the mechanic in wormholes and empire according to the original intent of Cloaking.

What do you think? I like this idea because it doesn’t require a bunch of new code to be implemented as it runs off of already in-game mechanics.

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