Time at Gottin's

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people at a place called Gottin’s Lamp. It’s a cozy little bar deep in Amarr Space. I do my best to stay calm and polite there, and I hope my curiosity doesn’t seem too eager to them; they all seem so refined and eternally patient.

Most other places I’ve hung out are… not so quiet. I can run around and be myself in a lot of the other ones. I’ve never had to hold back out there, and I don’t think they want any of their patrons to; they like the income that comes from being an interesting and lively place.

Maybe Gottin’s is meant to be my one relaxing and professional meeting spot. In a way, it really balances me like that. …Still, it makes me a little nervous knowing that the personalities there might freak out if ever they learned the rest of my story, finding out I’m not at all like the prevailing atmosphere and status quo they’ve established.

I’ll see what happens…


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