Time for warp scrambling NPCs inside FW plexes

You know it’s time to introduce this,

You know it’s time to force active combat fits into plexes even for farmers,

Because this is:

Faction WARfare…

Get it right, ie:

Push away those who join Faction WARfare and not do WAR at all.

Mmm let’s go with no.

Still suffering from that skill issue huh?

Is it their fault they keep an eye on d-scan?

It sounds like you want NPCs to do your job for you :smiley:

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You know full well that farming bots use automated d-scan for warp initiation.

Also, the new FW exploration sites have NPCs scrambling you.

So once again, stfu.

Oh. We “know” huh?

I assume you got proof then :smiley:

Bro, is it frustrating when your prey gets away? Of course it is.

But the solution isn’t for NPCs to do your job for you.

Skill issue fr fr LOL.

And your solution to catching instawarp atrons in a Scout Plex is ?

You can report accounts for botting.

If it’s that Silencer Creed guy (or his known Atron alts) he has a script to keep his ship perfectly manually orbiting you from 100km away. I have a video showing 10+ minutes of 1 action per second of perfectly manually piloting along different orbital trajectories to maintain this distance.

CCP didn’t ban him.

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Not crying to daddy CCP to have NPCs do my job for me :smiley:

I get you can’t find friends but

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The d-scan script is real also, I’ve come accross people in minmil that use it.

Already done for FW exploration sites kid, thanks but come back later.

And there shouldn’t be more.

You basically just want them helpless so they can’t run LOL.

Skill issue fr fr.

No matter how you try to dodge, you are literally asking CCP to do your job for you cause you can’t handle.

Can’t handle navy thrashers and can’t handle this either huh?

Do you see the common denom?

It’s you bro :smiley:

They can just kill the NPC and run.

I know, doing more than just afk farming is hard…

LOL let’s not front.

You want them stuck so you can swoop in for an easy kill.

Don’t try to lie silly.

We see you and your skill issue :smiley:

If they watch dscan, they have ample time to kill any NPC before I come in.

I take it you don’t even FW at all, so stfu please.

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Well have fun watching people warp off and farm plexes risk free then like it has always been.

Your choice of taste.

Yep, I will.

Quafe forbid I embarrass myself and cry on the forums for CCP to fix my skill issue LOL.

You’ve sure followed the “embarrassment” quite well yourself.


I mean you’ve made 2 cry thread in the past two days mate :smiley:

Not even reading the thread. This is a no. I know farmers are a problem, but this kinda undermines the point of the honorable arena.

Do you want everyone in the game to be running dual web no point meme fits because “the rats will point for you”?

No. Just no.

Gix, can’t you ruin someone else’s thread, and get off of your :smiley: emoji addiction?
You should go actually do some faction warfare.

How is it ruining it?

My points stand :smiley:

You even agree with them.