Time to go, find something else

Well my account ends in 10 days and i am thinking of moving on… CCP keep moving the goal posts and the game is just not as fun anymore…

so i will see if looks any different after this Christmas event has finshed and then i might decide to move to something esle like No Man Sky or Star Citzen…

CCP really missed the boat when they stopped developing Walking in Stations!

I still have over 1000 plex in my account but i just dont see the point!


Set the Plex aside and try something else for a while. Every game needs a break from it after long enough. And you never know, they might add something interesting in the next year or two.


Can I have your stuff (if you’re not planning on coming back)?


I was wondering who would say that first…

I will leave my account in limbo for now… I have been playing this game for over 8 years lol


Last I heard, Star Citizen was still a broken mess. I have heard a few people say that they were having fun with it, but I don’t know if I could handle the bugs (and I played Cyberpunk at launch).

I wasn’t impressed with No Man’s Sky. I kept hearing that it was a much better game a few years on, and decided to check it out when I was at my brothers house -I was not impressed. Admittedly, I did not delve deep into it, and have gotten into games that didn’t leave the best first impression. So, I won’t say that you shouldn’t try it. But, might want to try to pick it up on sale, just in case.

I haven’t played Chorus, but I’ve heard good things about that.

And if you’re looking for an Eve like game, you might want to try Albion Online. Haven’t played it, but it sounds like it’s the first place I would go if Eve shut down.

Oh, and don’t forget about Elite Dangerous. I played it a little bit, and I won’t say it’s bad, but it failed to capture my attention. I’ll probably give it another shot later though.

I’ve also heard some other Eve players say they like Sea of Thieves (iirc, that’s the name).

Anyway good luck. Oh, and make sure you don’t leave anything in an upwell structure before you go on haitus.


SC is a broken promise. NMS I found to have too little direction which is weird for a sandbox but I found it too sandboxy… somehow. It’s ok if you enjoy building. Elite is great if you’re looking to do “true” exploration, ie being lost in space.

And yeah, keep your stuff. No one ever actually quits EVE.


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: bye Felicia

  1. Can I have your stuff, seriously.
  2. No Man’s Sky can be fun but it missed the boat by not being an MMO. Also all the dupe exploits are fixed so
  3. Sea of Thieves is super fun with friends. Honestly if I had friends who played it, I’d be playing it a ton. But even simple quests take a lot of time. Also solo piloting a sloop can be fun, esp when you gotta escape players by diving headfirst into a storm and bail water/repair and pilot your ship all at the same time while trying to snipe them.
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Does the “can I have your stuff” line actually ever work? Any data on that



WIS was like decades ago and yur just now ragequitting? Sounds more like boredom. Go play minecraft awhile or something youll be back

I read in some old Aiko’s post a religious guy fed her his SP and other stuff.

But in the forums? No. If you posting you quitting you not quitting.

You quit when you stop caring, like not giving two Fs and just biomass.

If you post, you just mad and you want attention, and ofc to put some pressure on CCP, which I doubt it ever worked.

But ofc, we are forum NPCs and we gonna reply and the wheel will turn, like it always does.

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If you are into old school shooters and like space, try Vendetta Online, it is space quake twitch combat single shard MMO with persistent universe; older than EO. Gets updated weekly by a great small indie dev team. Works even on your toaster too (cross platform Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, windows, etc.) free to play with monthly subscription.

Ha ha. Just chiming in to say that I did exactly that… a year ago. At this point hoping for it is a bit senseless. I’d say it makes more sense to spend the Plex sooner rather then later so you no longer feel like you have unfinished business with Eve.

I believe I put aside about 6B from last time but I wouldn’t know what to do with the ISK anymore. Also, I hear stabs are dead while 99% of my assets are sitting down in lowsec with invalid fits from a year ago on 'em. I should have bought myself 20 cruisers to welp before I left.

Would you like my stuff?


No, no Im sure thats how its done.


Send it here. I know what to do with 6B.

Well thats me, my account dies in 1hr and i wont be buying any PLEX but i may come back sometime in January…

CCP need to really make some changes to this game for me to come back!!!

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We need more details, please don’t leave us hanging. Orca changes? Mining changes?

anything… this update over Christmas must be there WORST!

Walking in stations? Really? It adds nothing of significant value to either Star Citizen or, when it was added, Elite Dangerous. It’s fluff for a game like this one, and meaningless. It would help nothing and solve nothing. EVE is doing fine, as it has been since I started in 2004. Lots of changes, lots of ebb and flow over the years, game is fine.

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