Time to go!

Can I have just a little of your stuff? Maybe that junk in your hangar that you never use, but is too good to throw away?

I know Sol and he has at least 2 tril in isk and 500 ships but I doubt he will pass to anybody unless he knows them.

Well, I don’t know the man, but if he’s keeping his stuff for the time when he’s ready to get back into Eve. no shame in that. Sometimes we just need to take a break for some weeks or months or years. It doesn’t mean we hate it and it doesn’t mean we want to just erase of all of the work, friends, and history. It just means we’re saying 'bye, instead of just silently disappearing.


You can always participate in my blueprint giveaway. Just click my name and look up my related thread on this forum. :wink:

I know you will come back sometime, I hope eve is once again the way they intended and not nerfed to hell.

See you around Sol.

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