The old UI allowed you to select show timestamp, and chat conversations would show timestamps, but now that feature has been removed. If you select “show timestamps” you still cannot see the timestamp.

It’s not an upgrade when you remove features.


The feature still exists but you have to have it enabled all the time. Unlike the better old UI, which allowed the retroactive display of time stamps, Photon just can’t handle good features and made this very important aspect of chats impossible.

No, the feature does not exist.

In the old UI, you could click “show timestamp” and it would show the timestamps.

It does not do this anymore.


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Yes, there is a checkbox, and it does not work.

You can check it and it won’t show the timestamp.

Okay, this would be yet another new bug. Until recently, it would at least show the timestamp for new messages and just not retroactively load them for old messages.

I just tested it and it actually shows timestamps for me when I activate it and send a message.

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The expected behavior, is that it would show timestamps for “old” messages.

That is how it used to work.

It should be possible to turn them on and off.

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Yes, that’s what I mean in my first message. I pointed this out many months ago in one of the feedback topics and explained how this makes chat moderation much harder. No response from CCP ever. It’s just one of these Photon things that “make the UI more streamlined, easier to use and reduces cognitive overload”, I bet. :innocent:

The feature I am talking about is the ability to turn timestamps on and off, which does not still exist.

That’s also what I mean in my first message. It must have been one of those features that caused cognitive overload, bad UI experiences and poorly streamlined UI usage. :person_shrugging:

I doubt CCP made this change intentionally.

It’s the result of developers who don’t play the game making changes without bothering to speak or listen to any of the people who actually play the game.

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Have you allready placed a Bug Report about this?

I don’t think it’s a bug.

It’s a change (reduction) in the functionality of the timestamp option.

It used to be you could enable timestamps, and then see the timestamps. However, now, if you don’t have timestamps enabled initially, you can’t enable them for preceding messages. Unfortunately, the most useful employment of timestamps is to have them off normally (as you normally don’t need or want to see the extraneous information) and turn timestamps on when it is relevant.

As an example, someone says in chat “I will be back in ten minutes.” When did they say that? An hour ago, five minutes ago? You can’t tell, unless you already have timestamps enabled. Whereas, previously, you could enable timestamps, see the timestamp, and then disable them until needed again.

If it’s not an intentional change, then it’s a bug.

Report it. The more of us that do, then it will get addressed.


–Semi-optimistic Gadget

I mean, if CCP wanted to talk to the players and improve the game, there’s nothing stopping them from joining the forums.

They created a CSM just so they could avoid talking to us.

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What is a bug report going to do if CCP has ignored the issue for months after it was initially pointed out in feedback topics? :thinking:

I mean:

Honest question.

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if the devs came to the forums they’d get ganked … ohwait

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It’s called following up.

–Bureaucrat Gadget

They rarely ever “follow up” on any bug reports. Besides, creating a bug report is a pain in the back.

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