To my Intaki Brothern: Embrace Divergence

For those unfamiliar, the Intaki belief embraces the values of wisdom, compassion, and consideration of one’s thoughts prior to action. To we Intaki, confrontation is a final and last resort when all other courses are found fruitless. Ever wary of self-indulgence and self-denial, our belief is primarily a belief in moderation of all parts of one’s life and we are each expected to walk it ourselves.

I have always walked my own path in the footsteps of the Idama and by no means subscribed to what could be considered the orthodox. As I strayed, I learned. The belief in moderation in all things is ideal, but difficult to accomplish, especially as a capsuleer. Our very existence is contrary to the practice. Capsuleers, by nature, are ultimately too far from humanist affairs to fully appreciate them. As a capsuleer, the platitudes of Ida impede rather than enlighten.

Furthermore, the view of confrontation as a final resort opens to the tolerance of it. I sit idly by as countless others die around me in battles and wars I cannot partake due to lack of just cause; just reasons to use the inequity of power. In denying my place in the purposeful loss of life to others, I have thus practiced an extreme of complicity, seeing those people die despite. Hearkening back to the wisdom of our spiritual leaders, one quote by Vremaja Idama purveys in my mind:

“As long as space endures
As long as sentient beings exist
Until then, may I too remain
And dispel the miseries of the world.”

Reflecting on his words, I now fully realize that my peers and I, as capsuleers, are in a unique position. I now realize that Ida is a perception and interpretation that must be looked through the subjective lens of the beholder. Relative to each and his own, its definitions are vague and nebulous as the space around us. Acknowledging that capsuleers are, by consequence, an extreme, we must abandon the traditionalist Intaki ideals; walk our own path.

In this new belief – this ‘Divergent Ida’ – we acknowledge a separatist purpose in our existence. It becomes necessary, then, that within our infinite capacity, we are afforded a culpability: To dispel the miseries of the world in a way that only we can, as surrogates to the loss of life where conflict rings inevitable. Whereas we must always hold that the cost of inter-personal violence is substantial we must also accept this as a de facto necessity.

To this, I encourage my Intaki brothern to cast out your old ideals and embrace these ideals, such that we may offer benefit to our people. As capsuleers, our destructive potential is immense and incredible. To use this destructive ability to spare our mortal brothers and sisters the horrors of war therein becomes an ethical responsibility. Be the threat native or foreign, we must seek opportunities to utilize our power to safeguard the virtue of those without it. Here, we may find a utilitarian and pragmatic path of Ida, offering the greatest compassion we as immortal martyrs can offer: Sparing our people the burgeoning weight of war.


And then he got ganked.

Have I just witnessed nomistrav become a combatant? I’m not putting you down, it’s very sound logic, one I hold to, but i didnt think id see this happen.

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I welcome it. We could always use more warriors in the skies.

Pacifism only exists thanks to those who are not afraid to step foward on a battlefield to fight for those without the heart for it. One that refuses to step foward to crush their threat will only be overwhelmed by it in time.

In a pacifiatic culture, warriors are a nesscairy evil.

Nomistrav now walks the path of a warrior. In which I will honor with a toast. Good on you friend.

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