This is a QoL suggestion, but I think it’s a little big for the Little Things thread…

The popup menus and radial menus are nice and all, but they both require an extra click. It would be great if more of the windows had toolbars in addition to the popup menus so that you could see various boolean statuses/modes at-a-glance and issue commands with a single button click.


  • Drone Window: Passive/Aggressive, Focus Fire, etc plus context-sensitive stuff like Attack, Salvage, Mine, Return to Bay, etc
  • Inventory Windows: Select All, Sorting, etc but esp for me STACK ALL (i do this A LOT and that extra click to show the menu gets old).
  • Overview: The Selected Item window could be moved into the Overview window entirely, since it is mostly just a toolbar, and eliminate the need for an extra window.

…Basically anything in a popup menu would be great in a toolbar…


Well, I’m sure they’d see a lot of use by some players, but I would be upset if they weren’t optional or able to be collapsed. I make extensive use of hotkeys (which are faster), and have a shortage of screen real estate. So, I wouldn’t want toolbars that I don’t use eating up more of it.

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Agreed, they should be optional/hideable.

And I prefer hotkeys too, but a lot of the stuff I listed above in the example are not currently bindable to hotkeys (Stack All, Salvage, Mine), and some status/modes cannot be seen at a glance without clicking to open a popup menu (drone passive/aggressive).

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That would be good, yep. Like the MS Office Ribbon.

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