Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

I saw this Statment the entire time and its completly wrong. I know exactly what was happening one Day after its happend. Just because you dont use the Media CCP uses to quickly update us it didnt happend. Next time look on Twitter.

I guess this is not compensation for connectivity issues. :thinking:

Not everyone uses social media, it’s a simple fix to put it on the launcher where everyone sees it.


Its funny really - CCP gives a discount to those not currently subscribed or in alpha state, rather than doing anything for the players who had to remain subbed during a 2 week period where the game was basically unplayable…


Again problems, good I was docked. Think it is a bit too much and prolonging skilling spree will not help.

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No connection problems this week and then out of nowhere this morning I can’t stay connected for more than 1 minute or two, was fine for 1-2 hours before it happened.

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I’ve had tickets for reimbursement sat unlooked at for nearly a fortnight, I’d like to know how to escalate my complaints without just simply herding me through the same useless ticket system please.

I’m still waiting………still unable to login…tomorrow will be 1 week for me…

Disconnected twice in a short interval.

22:44 UTC
22:59 UTC

In the first I was going through a .5 System carrying 5.2 Billion.
In the second I was going through Low-Sec carrying 960 Million.
Without calculating the ship, fit and implants.

My luck was not being attacked by anyone during it.

Please do not say that the connection problems are solved if in reality there are still people suffering with Lag, Instability, Disconnections and Problems to Log-In.

Which system and what was your fit? Asking for a friend. You don’t know them though, they are from out of town.

I was in a different character flying a very slippery Sub 1 second align-time, well tanked, Hecate. “The System is a Secret !”

You would only catch me if you were on the right Stargate when I got disconnected !
"In the right place at the right time".

There is a lot of ISK traveling in very slippery small ships !
Good Luck !!! Fly Safe !!!

I’ll let them know. I’m sure they were just mildly curious but I thank you on their behalf. Probably :laughing:

With the same ship I almost got caught and killed leaving a Kick-Out-Station in Low-Sec.

On the first undock they caught me but I managed to get back to the Station losing half of my tank.

I didn’t had a undock safe-spot at that Station.

On the second undock, there were even more pirates, but I was successful because I stopped the ship completely before warping-out.

In Low-sec they usually put very low price items for sale in Kick-Out-Stations to attract careless players.

How is that fixed?

How can i contact you directly?

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Same here. Well, it tells me that there are no offers available for my account. Based on what people are saying with regards to the Alpha’s being compensated for the connectivity issues, my guess is that this offer is being target to Alpha accounts only. Personally, I don’t expect any compensation as I am from the UK and only had one day where I couldn’t log on but they should do something for those who were/are still effected. I guess CCP are focused on trying to expand the playerbase as I doubt there are more than 10k players with all the alts and a % of that will be free playing Alpha’s

I still can’t log into anyone of my accounts. I this everytime i try and log in on anyone of them.

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Is it even possible?

its official 1 week, unable to connect this morning.
Where are the CCP dudes who were going to help us?

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Yes, there are a number of ships, among which are the hecate, daredevil, and astero, which can do sub-second aligning. Price for sub-second aligning varies wildly. I use a daredevil myself.

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