Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

I am nobody, therefore i can play right?


Welcome to EVE


Life’s not fair. Fairness only exists in the heads of those who are used to picking the short straw, or those who compete in actual competitions. Turning off the game would be unfair to all of those who can still play. Considering that you, who can’t play, are a minority, I’d consider it seriously unfair to punish all of those who can’t play. You’re simply not relevant enough. If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave. You won’t, though.

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I for the first time in about 8 days, got into the game for an extended period of time. I was able to get back to my home system in J-space, do some basic roaming and then logged off without an issue.

I’m still having the issue on port 26000, allow my IP to connect!!!
It’s almost 1 week I’ve been waiting for!

sorry guys the staff at CCP Eve online took the Cyber Challenge 2020.
so give them a break. you know what its like to be a I.T. maintenance and Support staff
pretty much sucks when this shitt happens. so
so instead of freaking out lets just give them info where your from and what’s the issue it could help them


You know there is probably a guy (or gal for that matter) they have to keep on retainer and the last time they were at CCP fixing and patching back this cobbled together game they suggested two things:

“Pay me full time to sit here and fix this mess start to finish or pay me double a full time salary to show up for as long as it takes whenever it finally starts to fall apart again.”

It’s a long road to recovery…

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Thank yyou soo much

Central MO- multiple accounts disconnected…
11 days, disappointing. My confidence in CCP waivers.

Continue to work at resolving this CCP, there is still hope.

Well if its like at my work it could be a X employee.
or just a employee that just knew to much………

Giving the CCP Staff A super Awesome valentines day Super Pack… with some Kisses
…… That Help

I don’t know if it has been a problem with others, but the last 3 days I’ve been able to log in with some lag. As soon as it gets to the station hanger though, the image is black and can’t undock. I can still see and access everything, with lag. Been reading this thread and have not noticed anyone else report this problem.

Well, you missed the point I was trying to state.

Damn people calm down. This will eventually get fixed and you babies will most likely get compensated. Some of you in the community are a bunch of whiney bi**hes.

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Are we back to normal? Sure is acting like it. I took three noob boats and jumped into lo-sec with the idea that if i could just get one rat I’d attempt to take him out with three Velators. And yeah, I landed amongst a whole damned herd of big mean rats. I got out alive but we were leaking shield stuff all over the place. Launched a mining op, fought off rat attacks then salvaged dead rats, all that with no issues. Everybody needed to catch up the Skilling Spree thing, that went OK until my Tristan came out of warp along with four really mean looking Trig rats, again, I made it out alive but there was a lot of red stuff in the HUD. So I swapped the Tristan for my Domi, went after the Trigs, got shot up, neuted, lost a Berserker and with the last wisp of capacitor made it out alive again. Entered orbit around a structure for the free reapair job, returned to the scene of battle and all that was left was dead rats. Thing is, through it all, the Eve environment functioned flawlessly. No complaints.

A member of my crew just reported the following: he was an Alpha that got 7 days Omega because he filed a support ticket to CCP to complain about losing a ~100m ship during DDoS (and waiting days for a response, to be clear).

If this is true (I have no reason not to believe him), this is very unusual for CCP due to its lack of uniformity and due to him being an Alpha. In the past they have given blanket Omega days to the entire community (Omegas only, I think) when a PR disaster has occurred (maybe one or two other times since I’ve been playing), not just to those who file tickets to complain. I expect CCP to provide a uniform remedy to this situation… I’m not crazy about Omega credit only being given to those who file tickets during the DDoS period.

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going on day 3 of only 1 client launching. i had ZERO issues untill feb 4th. somthing in your patch is stopping me from launch 7 of my 8 clients

How about you focus on one thing at a time. You can still play all your accounts just 1 right after the other :smiley:

There are countries where people never even get to play eve online so be great full you can play with 1

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no jinx thats not how businesses and services work. i pay for 8 accounts, i had functionality of my accounts until CCPs patch broke it for me. perhaps i operate using jump freighters or capitals or rorquals. maybe my form of playing the game that i pay for requires 2 or more characters to function as intended. maybe i need to cyno out of somewhere. i have 8 accounts because i use them. its not as simple as they are extra indy slots or reactions, they are accounts that serve a purpose to my way of playing the game. so no, grateful is not somthing that i will be experiencing untill CCP has fixed the functionality of thier game.


I can launch and play up to 6 clients but I still see chat reconnect messages.