Tranquility server problems compensation for omega accounts

Oh, i thought you were talking about the socket closed disconnects.

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And yet Eve is the only game where I experience socket closures, whilst maybe nothing to do with TQ it IS something to do with the connection to this specific game.


CCP should pay players to play EVE in such state. :sunglasses:

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I have seen lots of complaints about EVE server problems in EVE Reddit and here at EVE general discussion area. Recently there has been complaints about login server problems. Then there has been complaints about Jita local been down and chat server problems. Earlier weeks there were complaints that traffic to EVE servers was blocked from countless IP addresses. They were probably somekind of anti-DDOS measures.

These links here were just few examples of long line of complaints from countless people.

Lots of people have also made complaint that they lost their ship in abyssal space because connection was lost all of sudden.

Yes, because the network packets of both games take the exact same route through the network and end up at the exact same server, so clearly it can’t happen anywhere in-between and must be CCPs fault! Except that’s not the case.

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tasty tears… htfu… not everything is CCPs fault.

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If there are ever plans for compensation related to sever outages or other issues, they’ll be announced officially.

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