Trig invasions are crushing hisec PvE

  1. Unless… it’s intended as “the final one of a series of transitional states”. That begs the question what a Final Liminality will transition into… something non-liminal, I suppose.

  2. Perhaps they mean the final state of a thing that occupies a border, say… the border between Abyssal and K-space. I’m not knowledgeable on the lore to comment on how Trigs actually enter K-space.

Making effortless money printing in almost perfect safety harder is a good thing.

Why dont they start where most effortless money is printed then? Pretty sure it isn’t in highsec.

Oh, yeah, they tried it with Drifters last year. How did it go? I heard people stopped logging in.

They did it again in different security space and expect different result, don’t they?

All 23 empire regions combined earn as much bounty isk as the second place Cobalt Edge region alone does. 3.856 trillion isk in the empires against 3.874 trillion isk Cobalt Edge. There is also 3 trillion in mission payouts, but even if we assume that most of it is highsec, there is 48.8 trillion isk in bounties generated outside of empire regions to compare to.

It’s not highsec carebears earnings they’re after, i guess. And I don’t see a clear goal in what they’re doing. Reshaping highsec is a pretty lame excuse IMO.

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I really don’t understand why CCP has such malice toward High sec players.

Disrupting your gameplay is not malice. They are gifting you an exciting change to take advantage of.

Anything can be malice if you want to take it that way basically.


Why not CCP give these exciting changes to Null sec players?

Because they’d turn them into even more opportunities to make copious amounts of money, dum-dum.

Because sometimes they do? But right now it’s the turn of Empire space to get things.

Be cause each time CCP gives “exciting changes” to null sec they log off, quit and send their CSM to cry and scream at CCP until they change it.


You can run emerging conduits… That’s pve buddy…
I don’t get why trigs are apparently crushing high sec pve, just do the pve that happens in the systems with fleets?

Whatever happened to invasion fleets

Because they feel you should spend more money.

While I’m sure you mean that in jest… A lot of people are actually thinking that is a serious thing CCP are doing. At least I seriously hope you mean it in jest because it’s clearly not what CCP are doing.

Well jest in so far as a person doesnt need to spend money in regards to the invasions.

Not so much in my own opinion to where they plan to take the game across this and the next four or so years.