Trig mining fleet

Pay for ventures per hour 7 Mill
Pay for defenders frigate to destroyer: 10 Mill
Pay for defenders cruisers to battleship: 35 Mill
As this is in trig space you will be forced to pay a fee to join the fleet of 1.5 Mill
It will meet up in Amarr on November 11th at 9:00 am Eastern time
Your pay will add up over time instead of every hour you. when you want to leave the fleet you contact me and I will send you your earned isk

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One venture hold (which fills faster than an hour) is already more than 5 mil. The risk/reward doesn’t check out for a defense fleet either since a single HAC would take like 15 hours of this to pay off if it dies.

1.5m isk seems to be a fair fee to pay to blow up venture miners in trig space though…

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