Triglavian Ganking

I’m a returning player and wanted to understand both sides to the story, so figured I’d see the affects of Trigs. I have a few decent characters with good skill amounts, so decided to head out with an Orca to see if mining in high sec was still profitable.

In the half hour I was mining, I got landed on by 2 different sets of trigs in the belt. Killing them off wasn’t necessarily difficult and I did enjoy the added game play by the time it was all said and done. I’m not really a High Sec player, so figured with different PVE setups it would have even been easier.

That said, I came to understand some of the players frustrations with the changes. In both of the engagements, the Trigs knocked out one of my drones. Not only did they knock it out, but they did it in an absolute hurry. One Hammerhead II and one Hobgoblin II were lost in a half hour of orca mining (keep in mind that my mining skills kinda suck because I’m not a terribly good PVE player).

I honestly think at that point, I was mining at a loss. So I sent the Orca back to the station.

I did take all the precautions to be sure I was successful at setting up my mini mining test. The Orca was well fit, and continually monitored (was only doing it for slightly longer than a half hour). I had brought a Domi out with multiple types of Drones as well (which is what lost the drones).

So while I like the little bit of extra challenge, I can definitely see how this could be affecting industrial players who are active. It doesn’t just affect bots.


I understand where you are coming from, but to be blunt the game is better when it is a challenge and that you can suffer loss, such as drones. I do believe that the new players in Ventures are in most danger from the Trig scouts which is a concern because they can blow up their Ventures before they can warp out, this is an issue and I think CCP have adjusted their locking time. But there have been a lot of amusing AFK losses of Orca’s. The odd thing is that when I used a HAC with these rats they hardly ever targeted the drones.

I think the game got stale with easy farming and no real environmental risk at the base level of system operation, environment to me is both player and NPC activity.

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because the signature takes a part in most rats target priority.

I was being a bit obtuse with the use of odd as I did understand it, I was trying to give the player concerned a little nudge.

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After skimming over this thread, I’m a huge fan of this new carebear content thing CCP is doing.

Yes. On a station near epic mission giver travis. It was fun to see wreck after wreck of baited players. There is a statistic that says people who loose ships stay longer. To save EVE online CHAOS was implemented. We are saved as everyone ganked will never unsub. Maybe.

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Nope there is not.
People who claim this have actually zero idea what they are talking about.


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