Triglavian Ganks in hi-sec non minory victory systems

yeah… devs f*ck up. -> Welcome to EVE.

Happens all the time.


Oh its not a ■■■■ up, its deliberate, not everything does end up in the patch notes, because they don’t want to spoil the surprise, its an invasion, its not really much fun if they announced it and gave you a heads up, not all content will be in the patch notes

It can be stupid AND deliberate.

Much like people who whine about surprises i guess :slight_smile:

Like i said earlier, welcome to EVE

not so much surprise , just trying to figure out the new mechanic and pick through sometimes incorrect info from other players .
target painting alone isn’t enough ; the npc has to die . on a char with no trig standings , went to pochven and killed one of the easy swarmer drones . target painter and a t1 lite drone was enough . trig +.004 , edencom +.002 , rogue drones -.045 . trigs in k-space now neutral to me . :slight_smile:

My alt has gained standings from just target painting the rogue drone super without it dying

did you still have eyes on it after the standings gain ?

Indeed, i saw the ship was still alive and still on grid

Maybe it was standings for some other drone that died already.

Imagine Rogue drones invasions next summer. :thinking:
If that will go for longer, it will be best to not do PvE in this game.


Finally some info in wiki:
Roaming fleets behavior:
How to get standings in Pochven: - and loose a ship

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I’m Alpha and I’m having a blast in my armorless cane. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also some trigs are red and others are white. I was on a gate with both white and red trigs before swiftly being disintegrated.