Triglavian in regular belts all over eve?

Didn’t read it. I lost interest. Bye

Anyway, for those of you who are paying attention, you don’t quite have to go to the same extreme with your fits as I do. Yes, the Trig patrols are a pain for newer players, but fit a decent tank, pay attention, and you’ll be just fine.

If you aren’t able to fight them, simply warp out to the next belt and continue mining. Takes all of two minutes. Sometimes they spawn within a few minutes, sometimes they don’t spawn for an hour or more. I was waiting around earlier for a squad to warp in for over an hour before one finally showed up.

Just be glad they don’t visit Ice Anomalies. I wish they would, it would get rid of some AFK ice miners, but I digress…

Except back then new players had a lot more access to resources, there wasn’t a bunch of advanced NPC’s spawning in high Sec systems like there is now.

NPC Mining Fleets, Pirate Strongholds (Forward Operating Base), Roaming Triglavian Scout’s, Invasions, etc.

All of which are easily handled. Don’t mine in or near a FOB system. Everyone knows that. Don’t mine in an invasion system. Everyone knows that. I’ve already explained many times how to deal with the Triglavian Patrols. And the NPC Mining Fleets are easily dealt with as well, even if you have zero combat skills. Pop a single shot off at one of them, immediately warp out, and they will also warp out and stop mining that belt. Come back to that belt 2 minutes later and there won’t be a single NPC miner there. Then you can resume your mining.

We also didn’t have an automatic skill queue, skill injectors, career agents to give us millions of ISK and starter ships, The Agency, you can no longer be bumped for eternity, no standings needed to place a structure, disposable Alpha clones, and any number of other hand-holding things that new players have. Like I said, they don’t know how good they’ve got it…

Yeah I agree, don’t mine in systems that have an active Pirate Stronghold (FOB), Triglavian Invasion, Sansha Incursion and Emerging Conduit Anomaly sites.

As for the NPC Mining Fleets, besides then quickly clearing out all the belts in system, attacking them will give negative standing hits and eventually they end up spawning Attack Fleets right after players land on grid. Anyway, an easy way to avoid all that hassle is just mine Ore Anomaly sites.

Career Agents and Skill Queue has been around for a long time, however only Omega accounts have access to the unlimited skill training time option. Skill Injectors cost money / ISK which is something that new players have in short supple due to constantly buying skills and equipment needed to advance.

In my opinion the Agency is only good for intel on where the FOB’s, Invasions and Incursions are located. It also shows where Emerging Conduits are but is limited to within 2 jumps from current location.

Removing standings to anchor a structure in High Sec was a bad game change in my opinion, even though getting a structure anchored in High Sec was easily done back then so the removal of that isn’t that big of a change.

Disposable Alpha Clones? I think the EULA states that isn’t allowed. Hopefully if or when it happens, CCP still enforces it and takes appropriate action.

In the past Gun Mining was a big deal. Rogue Drones dropped lot’s of Alloys and Compounds which reprocessed into Minerals. Also NPC’s dropped a lot more loot which reprocessed into Minerals.

Anyway, in my opinion new players could easily access more resources in the past compared to now. Simply because there wasn’t a bunch of advanced NPC’s spawning in High Sec systems.

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This right here is why I have exactly zero sympathy for players dying to Trigs while mining. This person was obviously AFK and thought they would be safe mining AFK in a blinged-out battleship in a 0.9 system.

Nobody gives a ■■■■.

You are refusing to acknowledge that trigs can be an issue for newer player, for the sole reason that you are not a newer player.

That’s just full of stupidity. It’s like claiming that fobs are not an issue, because you can use a 5-man fleet to destroy it. or Invasion, gankers, incursions, are not an issue because you just need to land 5-man RR wing.

So no, trigs are an issue for most people. Sure you should never be AFK, you should fit tank when you can (so mining barges are bad), you should be ready to warp out, least you will lose more than you will win, which IS an issue for most players.

IMO the best answer is “don’t mine in belt any more”. There are anoms that provide ore, use them - go for mining anoms, and when you are with friends, take an EC.

I know this game has a slight bot problem. So does other games. Other games a have a security department to deal with this stuff. CCP are just letting npc’s do thier work. However it’s just ruining the game.

They are forgetting people are spending real money to play thier game… Key word here is game…

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What classifies as a decent tank?

That depends on what you are flying. You will not be able to sit there and fight off a Trig patrol in anything other than a Procurer, Skiff, or an Orca. Any other mining ship, tanked or not, will get nuked. Having said that, either fit for yield or fit for tank. If you try to fit for both, you will fail at both. If you plan on sitting there and fighting them off, then go for max tank, which means NO mining upgrades of any kind. Mids full of shield extenders and invulns, damage control, and shield rigs. You can fit a mixture of tank and mining upgrades, but you won’t be able to sit there and fight off a squad of 4 or 5 Trigs. It will be enough, however, to get you out of the belt before they can pop you.

Now with the upcoming shield and armor EHP nerf, it will be even more important to fit for tank than for yield.

If you are a new player flying something like a Venture, you can still mine while the Trigs are out and about. Just fit a Medium Shield Extender and an Invuln in the mid slot, and a damage control in the low, along with shield rigs, and pay attention when they warp in. If you warp out when they warp in, you’ll be fine.

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I think this is great. I noticed them in the belts for the first time today and needed to alter my fittings. I made and extra 5 million from looting their wrecks. My only gripe is they don’t attack often enough.


I’m a new player (about two weeks in now) and I actually like them. They add a nice pucker factor to mining in high security areas. Also, they’re not really that hard to evade, unless you literally walk away from your computer. I just evaded a bunch of them in my Venture while writing a report for work in an adjacent window. Just have to glance at the overview window every so often and listen for their warp in sound.

My biggest problem with them was just figuring out how to configure my custom GTFO overview tab so that they showed up when they warped in (they are not NPCs or ships, they are entities).

Arguably, they are good practice, too, for when players graduate to lower security areas.


Not true

With a little more effort you might come to the realisation that new players probably aren’t aware of all the options they have available to them. Hey, come to think of it, I’m new and I don’t know how to do what the ■■■■ you’re talking about or even what the ■■■■ you’re talking about. And I’m near certain that’s a possibility beyond your comprehension. I can only surmise that ‘theory of mind’ is a concept well beyond your capacity to grasp. Lucky for you though you’ll always have your condescending attitude to shield yourself from your own ignorance. Have a nice day.

Eh? What? What isn’t true?

Pro Tip #1 (not directly Eve related): If you see a term or phrase on the internet that you do not know or do not understand, you can use your mouse to highlight the offending piece of text and then click on “search google for” those nasty words to find the hidden meaning behind it all.

Pro Tip#2: Eve is a complex game and you will need to do research and analysis if you wish to succeed. To aid in the research phase, see Pro Tip #1.

If you come into something new, whether it’s Eve or any other activity, and you expect people who are well versed in that activity to cater to your ignorance before you have exerted even the tiniest amount of effort to bridge gaps in your knowledge of the subject at hand, don’t be surprised when the responses you receive appear condescending. The fact you felt my response (to someone else, with a lot more time in game) was condescending and decided to complain about this on a forum, rather than fix your issue says a lot more about you than it does about me.

Best of luck moving forward… I hope the Eve Knowledge Unicorn slaps you with that mystical Eve knowledge soon, or I fear you will not last long in this game because it’s hard to find someone willing to spoon feed you. Best of luck!


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So if a player nowadays wants to mine regular Asteroid Belts in High Sec space, they should do it in a Battleship fit with a massive tank, just like back in the old days before Mining ships were added.

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/rSelfAwarewolves you almost got there. Woosh!