Triglavian in regular belts all over eve?

Wow and just how expensive is your clone? that is not something that most miner are going to afford for a long time

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I will admit that it’s not a fit that most miners use, especially new ones. But they can skill into it like everyone else had to. It requires all relevant fitting, drone, and shield skills to be at 5. It is nice, however, to be able to just sit there and mine and not have to worry about what warps into the belt. Those implants serve a secondary purpose as this toon is also my L4 mission runner, so they were worth the cost to me.

nice way to avoid telling anyone that you are mining with a 2 billion isk clone to make that skiff work

Again, it’s not for everyone, just like a 3 or 4 billion ISK clone for running L5 Abyss, Incursions, or Complexes isn’t for everyone. 2 billion isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. I’ve seen players lose 2 billion worth of Orcas in a single day to Trigs because they were AFK mining. That’s 2 billion ISK down the drain. At least I get my 2 billion ISK worth out of them every single day…

I’ve got a couple more fits that I’m working on at the moment. I’ll post them here if they test out. I’m having a hard time doing that as the Trigs don’t seem to want to come out and play right now. I’ve been sitting in this belt for over an hour with not so much as even a belt rat warping in.

This is where I stopped taking you seriously.

You are part of the problem and you cannot even understand why… :slight_smile:

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Why? Because I’m able to adapt and apparently none of the rest of you can?

No, because you are that one player, who always screams everything is fine, yet it is not and you don’t even understand why.
You are that player, who after years of playing, probably bought the best stuff, and take it as a baseline and thinks that is baseline for EVERYONE with almost religious conviction, and cannot remember what is it like for players who don’t have access to these, the majority of players.
You are part of the problem, because you deny the players changes with your condescending bully posting.

What you posted takes months or more likely years of skill training + billions of isk. Pray tell me what should miners do in the meantime? Count beans hmm?

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You, and every other new player, can earn those same skills and amount of ISK just like everyone else has for the past 17 years. Do you think I installed the game 14 years ago and magically had hundreds of millions of SP and billions of ISK? No, I had to skill into fits like this and earn every last bit of the ISK that it takes to own and fly something like that.

I should have known that I was arguing back and forth with a new player that doesn’t even know how good new players have it these days…

Nope my man I had an acc for over 10+ year. I just started a new account from scratch so I experience the game with no resources. A player who doesn’t have the best stuff from the get go.

And let me tell you it is an experience which clears your head. And from my standpoint there are problems here. Start an acc form scratch, I dare you. It will be a life changing experience for you.

Untill you do that do not lecture me on what’s what.


Been there, done that, as I have 20 accounts, most of which are Alpha. The only thing holding back new players from obtaining the same skills and ISK that I did is pure laziness. I see so many Ventures on Zkill every single day popped by Trig patrols. Why? A Venture can easily warp out of the belt before the trigs can even lock on. So why are they getting popped left and right? Because that player is more than likely not paying attention or completely AFK. Same goes for mining barges and even Orcas getting popped by the Trigs. It’s not hard by looking at the kill mail and where it happened to see that they were AFK. And if what you are flying gets popped by the Trigs because you either weren’t paying attention or were AFK, well, you deserved it. Some of them learn their lesson, but most don’t. Those that don’t learn their lesson come to the forum whining for “change”…

Didn’t read it. I lost interest. Bye

Anyway, for those of you who are paying attention, you don’t quite have to go to the same extreme with your fits as I do. Yes, the Trig patrols are a pain for newer players, but fit a decent tank, pay attention, and you’ll be just fine.

If you aren’t able to fight them, simply warp out to the next belt and continue mining. Takes all of two minutes. Sometimes they spawn within a few minutes, sometimes they don’t spawn for an hour or more. I was waiting around earlier for a squad to warp in for over an hour before one finally showed up.

Just be glad they don’t visit Ice Anomalies. I wish they would, it would get rid of some AFK ice miners, but I digress…

Except back then new players had a lot more access to resources, there wasn’t a bunch of advanced NPC’s spawning in high Sec systems like there is now.

NPC Mining Fleets, Pirate Strongholds (Forward Operating Base), Roaming Triglavian Scout’s, Invasions, etc.

All of which are easily handled. Don’t mine in or near a FOB system. Everyone knows that. Don’t mine in an invasion system. Everyone knows that. I’ve already explained many times how to deal with the Triglavian Patrols. And the NPC Mining Fleets are easily dealt with as well, even if you have zero combat skills. Pop a single shot off at one of them, immediately warp out, and they will also warp out and stop mining that belt. Come back to that belt 2 minutes later and there won’t be a single NPC miner there. Then you can resume your mining.

We also didn’t have an automatic skill queue, skill injectors, career agents to give us millions of ISK and starter ships, The Agency, you can no longer be bumped for eternity, no standings needed to place a structure, disposable Alpha clones, and any number of other hand-holding things that new players have. Like I said, they don’t know how good they’ve got it…

Yeah I agree, don’t mine in systems that have an active Pirate Stronghold (FOB), Triglavian Invasion, Sansha Incursion and Emerging Conduit Anomaly sites.

As for the NPC Mining Fleets, besides then quickly clearing out all the belts in system, attacking them will give negative standing hits and eventually they end up spawning Attack Fleets right after players land on grid. Anyway, an easy way to avoid all that hassle is just mine Ore Anomaly sites.

Career Agents and Skill Queue has been around for a long time, however only Omega accounts have access to the unlimited skill training time option. Skill Injectors cost money / ISK which is something that new players have in short supple due to constantly buying skills and equipment needed to advance.

In my opinion the Agency is only good for intel on where the FOB’s, Invasions and Incursions are located. It also shows where Emerging Conduits are but is limited to within 2 jumps from current location.

Removing standings to anchor a structure in High Sec was a bad game change in my opinion, even though getting a structure anchored in High Sec was easily done back then so the removal of that isn’t that big of a change.

Disposable Alpha Clones? I think the EULA states that isn’t allowed. Hopefully if or when it happens, CCP still enforces it and takes appropriate action.

In the past Gun Mining was a big deal. Rogue Drones dropped lot’s of Alloys and Compounds which reprocessed into Minerals. Also NPC’s dropped a lot more loot which reprocessed into Minerals.

Anyway, in my opinion new players could easily access more resources in the past compared to now. Simply because there wasn’t a bunch of advanced NPC’s spawning in High Sec systems.

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This right here is why I have exactly zero sympathy for players dying to Trigs while mining. This person was obviously AFK and thought they would be safe mining AFK in a blinged-out battleship in a 0.9 system.

Nobody gives a ■■■■.

You are refusing to acknowledge that trigs can be an issue for newer player, for the sole reason that you are not a newer player.

That’s just full of stupidity. It’s like claiming that fobs are not an issue, because you can use a 5-man fleet to destroy it. or Invasion, gankers, incursions, are not an issue because you just need to land 5-man RR wing.

So no, trigs are an issue for most people. Sure you should never be AFK, you should fit tank when you can (so mining barges are bad), you should be ready to warp out, least you will lose more than you will win, which IS an issue for most players.

IMO the best answer is “don’t mine in belt any more”. There are anoms that provide ore, use them - go for mining anoms, and when you are with friends, take an EC.

I know this game has a slight bot problem. So does other games. Other games a have a security department to deal with this stuff. CCP are just letting npc’s do thier work. However it’s just ruining the game.

They are forgetting people are spending real money to play thier game… Key word here is game…

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