Well there’s your problem. Sounds like you may have over hyped yourselves assuming it was going to be anything like incursions or a trailer clip.

From what little I have read on the subject, and others have said in this thread, it’s coming in stages. At some point your hype may become reality. Maybe CCP should of made it more clear, i dont know as I have not read or seen any response or notes from them.

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Not actually rare, I got scrammed by 1-2 anchoring Demaviks in every Conduit I ran for test purposes on SiSi. There are so few sites, you have little chance to find one on TQ which is not sealed.

The sites work like FW sites (anomaly -> beacon) and have three waves of increasing difficulty. You can solo them in a T3 (took me 20min in my Loki), but this is theory, as you won’t be alone for a sec on TQ, because of the sites’ scarcity.

The payout is max 15M and decreases with more people in site doing damage. Not sure when the payout goes down. Texts I read suggest above 3 people. You can loot more valuable stuff from Zorya’s ships, if you are lucky.

The gameplay is more like the old events, than Incursions. But with the very limited amount of sites (4-5 sites every hour per Invasion, makes a total of 15 sites in New Eden), no option for income.

BTW, you should deal explo, and tank against therm.

BTW2, you can warp freely in sites which helps with tactics.

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Oh that’s terrible news. I only fought the spawns near the invaded system gates and there were no ‘anchoring’ ones.
Well, at least I could have bailed since I was in a Phantasm.

Thanks for the heads up!!

Not sure if its been mentioned, but they also turret disrupt too, so they can hit you with every form of EW.

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Oh yes, I had all forms of ewar that are still useful on me. Had to bail in a second wave due to being webbed heavily and my modules being on fire.

Those Kikimoras hurt a lot after a while.

Cheers man!

I’e found using as little as possible active modules helps.
Only active ones i use are repair, weapons and the odd midslot EW or tracking module, and AB/MWD.
But with my Harbinger i have a command module too. So it runs 7 active high, 1-2 mid(if AB/MWD used) and 1-2 low (twin armour repair), everything else is passive. With everything running unstable at -19%, with 1 Rep and AB/MWD off its stable at 68+%. So with a swarm on it it can tank very well, and with midslot the tracking comp helps against the WD, a single rep can handle most damage, the secondary is for those real bad moments when they’ve amp’d up their dps.

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In Jita a protest to CCP killing incursions is forming. Everyone is welcome to join.


Accounty Setting<Cancel Subs<Exit

Real shame CCP is lowering the numbers of active incursions. Having said that, I really enjoyed this invasion thingy. I tried a boatload of different setups and ships. I almost got enough salvage to build that T2 trig hac. I mainly ran around and killed the random spawns. Most of the time its was easy. But every now and then the spawn would get really big. Kill first wave and 2nd wave comes in. Standard, but suddenly a 3rd and 4th wave would show up.


As for splitting loot, I created a handy spreadsheet which WTM commanders have been using when we host invasion fleets. It’s worked out pretty well so far.

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Me: Hey corp mate what ya doing
Corpie: I ran some Trig stuff and nearly lost my Scorpion Navy for zero loot
Me: Are they that tough, Are you going to try again ?
Corpie: I’m not fighting them anymore, I swapped to a Magnate made 1/2 Billion salvaging & and stealing loot.

Me: If they are not getting involved maybe Concord should stand down in invasion systems

Prices are dropping fast and stuff doesn’t move, still 400M up in sell orders from 1B in total I “made” so far.

Got beaten only twice by a ninja looter so far, he must have been faster that one tick.

Once Majors are back with even more Zoryas expect loot to be worthless soon.

Maybe I switch to a Hecate and start kill Ninjas, for a bit more fun.

I dont see prices of that stuff ever going high tbh not unless they change some stats on the triglavian guns.

What’s wrong with the turrets?

The cruiser one just takes to long to spool up dps wise, switch targets or change ammo damage is reset. Its ok for station bashing maybe some small groups, but I dont see big fleets using them because a simple warp out from other side resets the entire fleets dps.

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This has nothing to do with the trig ships, but the worthless mutaplasmid drops.

Bulk the material goes into the t2 ships if im not mistaken

Salvage, I talk about the loot.

That’s standard to all three types.

The cycles to full dps is the stand amount.

As per length of each cycle is dependent on a number of factors (ship skill lvl bonuses, weapon upgrade modules, turret skills), but from what I’ve found they step evenly between sizes if comparing t1 or t2 to their other sizes.

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Adding to what you said here:
These ships are not designed for large fleets which requires high alpha and quick target calling.
These ships are for small-medium fleets under 20 or maybe 10 people, sometimes leshak is good for under 50.
CCP designed them not to overlap existing DPS ships like zealot, which has a good initial dps.

However yes the cruiser seem slower because Leshak got the only Rate of Fire bonus on its hull among all trig ship, making it spool up much faster than expected :slight_smile: