Triglavian Invasions, and why they need to be looked at closer

I’m going to go out on a limb here then and assume this also applies to people and/orbots who hide behind nullsec safety nets? Or are they excluded because certain people wouldnt actually want to lose their stuff, they just want others to lose stuff exclusively?

If this is you please note there is no need to be defensive here. That is the name of the game afterall, to make other peoples stuff cease to exist.

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For the record, THIS is what an invasion like the one you were mining in can look like.

That is at a POCO.

Invasions are serious business. Learn them or avoid them.

Also Orcas don’t get a mining bonus in the Foothold, only things with actual miners or strip miners.

Invasions don’t need to be looked at closer, you need to take more time understanding what is going on before you fly a 1.4 billion ISK Orca.


Yes nullsec bots and farmers are especially not needed and will not be missed. The game would be much better off without them.

Miners who occasionally do their thing are fine. But pure farmers who only accumulate ISK for no reason and demand always perfect safety are a plague and harm the game in so many ways we rather just get rid of them.


No, because I was smart enough to warp off, which is also to say, I was smart enough to fit not for max m3/s, but for tank, agility, and speed. Properly fitting a ship, knowing how to play smart, and paying attention are all skills players should learn. Don’t rely on skillbooks to fit and fly for you.

Only a fool willingly sits around for one minute waiting to be killed, then complains it’s not fair that they died. That’s basically playing a new game called Triglavian Roulette, and all the barrels are loaded.

No, it can happen at any time. I have no idea where the ‘it only starts at downtime’ myth began. The particular one I’m talking about suddenly started roughly 7 hours before the next downtime. Granted, the Triglavians were already in system (they never truly leave for good), and the groups slowly increased in size and number (as per usual pre-invasion), but the actual color change, triangle text, and warnings happened mid-EVE-day, all at once.

It’s actually quite easy to mine even with the Triglavians in high sec, so long as the person mining pays attention, fits for survival instead of greed, and learns when it’s smarter to warp away.


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