Triglavian Ships, Modules, Ammo and Skills available on Singularity


(YokeM Tessarn) #22

Fitted the cruiser.

Are the ship-boni already applied?

Powergrid seems indeed to be a bit tight. If I want to fit three neuts I have to use all rigs for PG-mods. Oversized AB was almost impossible if didn`t put a PDS in low slot.

I have the skills to V (except specialisation, which is IV) and get 227,4 dps with tech II range ammo and 2 damage mods + surgical strike V implant. If the ship-bonus is still missing, the damage goes up to ~280. This would be quite good. If not then the max damage will only be slightly higher then in a equally equiped Phantasm with scorch pulse.

(Funky Junk9) #23

Will there be rigs giving bonuses to the new weapon systems?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #24

was like wow these things are crap just barley 800dps with heat and t2? then i noticed there are no hull bonuses o.o i’m scurred

i hope not… these things are powerful as is

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #25

with T2 i get about 380dps starting with no plants and only 2 damage mods. max cycle its about 680. not sure why yours is so low unless you are using a long range charge. but no the ship bonuses are not applied

(Makshima Shogo) #26

Is this cruiser or bs?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #27


(Makshima Shogo) #28

O_o that’s insane, they definitely seem to be made to punch upward’s.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #29

is it though? gila gets 900 easy and doesn’t need to “warm up” and can hit out well beyond the 7.3km of these ships as well. you want to get any range out of the new ships and you take a hit right to the gut. the tracking also isn’t the best i was grazing and missing BBs

will need to see what the hull bonuses do

(Makshima Shogo) #30

That is a good point’ but I was playing with the frigate and it was getting some super human agility something like 2. something align time with mwd on I can imagine these things having ridiculously good sig tanks, especially with mutated mod’s.

(YokeM Tessarn) #31

Yes this was with tech II range armor.

Thanks, with the bonus the damage might become ok. But you are right with your Gila argument. Maybe the bonus could be increased to 7.5% per ship skill level?

@CCP_Claymore: Have you considered increasing the visual magnitude of the desintegrators the same way that damage scales? Meaning if the damage increases by 5% the broadness if the beam does to? Right now, especially on the Leshak the Desintegrator looks like a big mining laser in my opinion.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #32

it already does this. it starts out as a dim thin beam then gets thicker and more intense maybe you have a graphic option turned off?

tbh i would rather they be underpowered and buffed later rather than broken af and fixed in a year or two

if they were buffed shortening the time it takes them to reach max would be better than upping the damage. we also don’t know how the utility bonuses will play out yet. though fitting wise i’m not even sure how the cruiser will fit its utility highs

(marVLs) #33

i think that DPS after spooling fully is too low, they supose to be special with biggest dps but they end just with big dps and after time… i was hoping that BS will get after spooling more than 2k DPS…

(niters rocks) #34

Could do with another 20-30% on the base dps or 30-40% once spooled, the dps is supposed to be the best possible but there are many pirate ships with amazing tank and better dps without the spool up or range limitations

In terms of killing strutures an oracle is a better option atm and as this is pirate it will be cheaper as well

(Sooyoung snsd) #35

the ships either need more pwg+cpu or the weapons need their requirement reduced. the large t2 gun takes 75% of the battleships powergrid. the cruiser for example cant fit a 1600 and mwd. the utility highs are basically unusable

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #36

i’m pretty sure that’s intentional. these things feel like they were built from the ground up not to be fleet viable

(Muon Farstrider) #37

Problem is it can’t even fit dualrep without major fitting problems. One can squish a single MAAR kity nomen type fit on it, but even that isn’t particularly comfortable. Having a hard time fitting a plate for fleet use is one thing, but it’s hard even to get a solo type fit on it. Probably could use a little bit more powergrid.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #38

i get a decent solo small gang tank with AAR. no it doesn’t duel rep at all.

(Makshima Shogo) #39

I think these ships where built to be kitey, not brawler/fleet.

(YokeM Tessarn) #40


Powergrid is still a little bit tight. I have to use two PG rigs to even get a basic firt with three copact neuts together. Another 150 PG would be nice here, or a trait that gives them 50% PG reduction for Nos/Neut etc. But personally I would like to see the PG increase.

Cap also seems to be very tight. 10% more base regen would be nice here.

The damage is flat out to low for the huge disadvantage the spool up is. Even with the 25% ship bonus now applied. Another 10% - 20% would be nice here.

(Sooyoung snsd) #41

yet, the cynable is able to fit a 1600 and mwd, which is also a kitey ship