Triglavian station camping mechanics

Does anyone know the pattern of Triglavian station camping?

I’ve gotten stuck in a Triglavian Minor Victory system a couple of times, because the station I’m in was being camped by a large Triglavian force that could instalock me, destroy my ship in seconds, and pod me in the bargain.

So far the only solution I’ve found (other than leaving via capsule ) is to wait until after the next downtime, when the Triglavians seem to move elsewhere.

Does anyone know the mechanics that determine when Triglavians move their camps between stations and gates in Minor Victory systems? And whether it’s consistent or random?

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Try this Here is how to gain neutral standings to triglavian npcs

Thanks, I saw that! I’m trying to avoid going through that, for both time and character reasons. I’m happy to just dodge the Trigs if I can figure out how they work.

Just shot a bunch of edencome rats

Mind if I add a second question to all this.
When is Triglavian going to leave areas like Akora? They have been there for a few weeks now.

Minor victory: they will patrol the system

I have a simple solution for this problem. No one can stay near to the gate more than X minutes. The gate start shooting you with some really hard stuff if you stay longer and you cannot coming back until X hours or the gate again just shoot you. Makes gate camping are really hard I guess.

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