Triglavian Tech and Ship Ideas

Ship Name: Kraken
Ship Type: Dreadnaught
Weapon Type: XL Entropic Disentagraters

Description: this ship was discovered during CONCORD’s mission to find more about the Drifters and Triglavians, during time traveling in a wormhole system, a large, red ship was spotted fighting off drifters, as the ship increased its damage the CONCORD officer realized that the ship did not have a seige module, but in fact was in fact doing as much damage going more powerful per second.

Traits: XL weapons
100% more damage to Prescursor weapons
50% to Ship class
75% more to armour buffs and armour repairs
Has Fuel Tank
Has Ship Bay

Requirements: Triglavian Dreadnaught I
Triglavian Battleship III
Capital Ship I
Trigilavian Battlecrusier III
Triglavian Cruiser III
Triglavian Destroyer III
Triglavian Frigate III
The regular capital stuff

(I will be editing this post over time, add comments to what i should add)

Weapons: XL Precursor Turret
Tech 2 XL Percursor Turret

Other: T2 Triglavian ships, more Triglavian frigates, Drifter Shipline
Trigliavian Structure skin


-1 the LAST thing we need is more caps.

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