Triglavian World Ark? XD

Wow, now I am absolutely against this idea in its entirety.

So… one person does everything and the other 3 are there just to fill the numbers. So much for “collaboration”, “fun” and “new content” for those 3 players! Even f1 monkeys probably have more fun.

Idea is garbage in the state it is presented.

Also Eve doesn’t need bigger and better ships because outcome will be the same as with supers and titans.

no, 1 pilot act like a fleet commander, he dosent control the ship, he gives orders to the other 3 pilots, who apply his orders.
for example: the commander will order the pilots to move the ship towards a target, the propulsion pilot will do that. If he orders to fire at a ship, the weapons pilot will do it. etc etc

You may want to play “Quintet” instead, there is no place for such debauchery in EvE. If anything, extra crew members mean worse reaction time compared to single pilot.

Here are the problems with your idea:

  1. Eve is about freedom of choice, but you propose to limit players to 1 function within the ship - less choice.
  2. If you make that vessel stronger than titans then it’ll be the Power Creep and it is the last thing EvE needs.
  3. If you make it on par or weaker than titans, then it is just a feature for feature’s sake with a side-effect of (1).
  4. There are all kinds of technical issues including but not limited to disconnects of any crew member or even “commander”, docking the moving/jumping ship etc. So it is (again) a headache with little to no gain for the game as a whole.

The whole idea of eve is that each ship in game can be piloted by one capsuleer. If you cant fly that ship, train skills until you can.

If you want multiple players in one ship you could try elite:Dangerous, however it didnt work very well there. The other option i believe is Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Multiple capsuleers on one ship just isnt Eve imo.

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