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(Daimian Mercer) #61

Can you join Tripwire Discord so we can chat?

(Daimian Mercer) #62

Tripwire 1.11 released


  • Chain Map now zooms via mouse scroll (does not work on FireFox, it lacks CSS support)
    • The zoom is limited because visual glitches when pushed too far, it skates that edge
    • When zooming a small reset button appears briefly at the top-right corner of the map
    • Zoom amount is saved like other Tripwire settings
  • Chain map hover overs like system effect, occupancy, and activity modified slightly to handle zoom, now slightly easier to “hit” and trigger with mouse. Some edge of screen glitches still occur - play with zoom to fix
  • It is now possible to set a signature or wormhole life length as 0 at any time. This will prevent it from being automatically deleted and once a length is set, the clock will reset
    • Ideal for scanned wormholes you don’t plan to land on grid and trigger in EVE
    • Visually identified by the dimmed age clock in the signature list
  • Ctrl/CMD+C with selected Tripwire signatures to copy them into the clipboard
    • Copies a comma separated list with an ending carriage return
  • Occupancy list in chain map is now sorted alphabetically

Additionally a fix for those experiencing issues with auto-mapper and in-game tracking. The fix is simple but will take time to take full effect (expect 24+ hours). The issue was when a regular signature was added and then later updated to a wormhole, 2 signatures that make up the wormhole were being created at different times and so the cleanup script was removing half a wormhole.

I will be monitoring bugs and prioritize those, the next feature is likely the auto-bookmark feature which I didn’t have time to rewrite. Going to vastly expand on it, feedback is welcome as always <3

(Rasta Rocketman) #63

Awesome tool

(Lucti) #64

May i use this opportunity to tell everybody that you can support what Daimian is doing by supporting the patreon page here:

Every dollar helps pay for this great service.

Lucti o7

(Daimian Mercer) #65

Tripwire 1.11.5 released!


  • Automapper tweaked slightly to make more sense
  • Statistics not summing totals across different masks has been fixed
  • Editing signature highlights first 3 letter field when opened
  • Added an option for which signature type field defaults to when adding a signature
  • Added an option for the separator when copying signatures
  • Added a Patreon link per request (located at the bottom of the page)

Additional fixes are planned for the next release, please keep reporting them.

(Kaivaja) #66

Easy feature request: now if I have added a wormhole to the sig list and hover the mouse over the wh id (for example X877 for a C4-C4 wh), TW displays a popup window giving wormhole stats like life and mass. I wonder if the same popup window could be displayed when I hover the mouse over the list of system static wormholes in the left panel below the jump/kill graph?

(Daimian Mercer) #67

Added to my to-do list - very near the top so expect it soon. (pretty easy change)

(Daimian Mercer) #68

Tripwire 1.11.6 released!

Some very small bug fixes, a memory leak plugged, and some code optimizations.

(Bjurn Akely) #69

A small annoyance have surfaced with the latest iterations (which are on whole large improvements):

Sigs disappear from trip set on the timer of the wormhole. Let me explain.
When you set a hole (say a B274, C2 to HiSec, 24 hour life) the timer in trip starts ticking and after 24 hours Tripwire’s note of it is deleted.
But in reality holes often stay longer than the allotted time. So now we’re left with re-adding the sig. Wors case we’ve forgotten or not noted the sigs J-number (why would we note it, that’s what Tripwire is for?).

How to solve this? I’m not sure. But I get the feeling the ‘removal code’ is stricter now than it was before. Harsher, even.

  • Delay removal (life +10%)?
  • Make an option to set time left?

(Kaivaja) #70

I guess you haven’t read the recent patch notes too carefully :-).

Do this:

  1. Add the B274 wormhole using copy-paste or what ever.
  2. Edit the wh sig in Tripwire. Type in B274 to the “Type:” field. The time remaining changes automatically to 1 day.
  3. Click “1” in 1 day.
  4. Press down arrow to change “1” to “0”.
  5. Click Save.
  6. See the wh life in sig list swith to darker color meaning TW won’t expired it.

(Bjurn Akely) #71

You’re right, I’ve not read. I thought I was smart and tried to change the numbers by typing numbers! I was not smart. :smile:
Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!


(Trevor Dalech) #72

Urgh, I really hate scrolling windows within scrolling windows. Anyway to make the map zoom not respond to my mousewheel?

(Selena Na'sharr) #73

Hi Daimian,

I am trying to work out how the masks are supposed to work now but I am a bit stumped by it.

  • When you create a corporate mask, you can only add the corporations to your mask you wish to grant access to your mapping. You can’t add your own corporation, which I assume is by design.
  • When you try to search for the mask as the owning corporation, it won’t find it. Looking at the database query fired it tries to match your corp ID from the session with any listed in eveID the mask. Since your corp ID wasn’t entered (because of the restriction mentioned above) the query will always return 0 results.
  • Since you are unable to search for your own masks, you cannot modify or delete them.
  • When try to find the mask as the corporation listed in the eveID in the mask, it does find it. Applying the mask however doesn’t seem to give any access to the wormhole map from the owning corporation, though.
  • When the guest corp goes back to the list of masks, the mask you just added will have disappeared again. It’s still applied according to the database but it will not show up, making removing the mask impossible.

I am doing something really wrong or something isn’t working as intended. Please help me figure out how to use the mask properly.

(Daimian Mercer) #74

I have a button zoom instead of scroll zoom option I’ll be adding soon, a few others have asked for this as well.

(Daimian Mercer) #75

Any masks you create show without the need to search for them. Similarly any corporate masks created by corp admins will show for all corp members without searching as well. If you are not seeing them something is wrong.

I will ask the testers to try and re-create this issue as masks were working fine for me a few minor releases ago when I fixed a minor mask bug.

Bare with me a bit longer

(Selena Na'sharr) #76

If it helps I can share some screenshots of my setup, or just record it.

(Daimian Mercer) #77

You can send sensitive screenshots to my email: or join Discord and send me a private message or Twitter. An in-game email is possible too, just let me know since I don’t login much.

(Selena Na'sharr) #78

Thanks… I’ve made a recording since it seemed the easiest way to show what I am doing. I’ve sent you the link through your discord via PM.

(Yodik) #79

howdy. tracker is broke after i leave c13.

(Daimian Mercer) #80

Let me know if this continues - it is typically an issue with CCP’s ESI API but there is a chance it could be a Tripwire bug I need to patch as well.