Trolling EULA and Forum PVP

I didn’t mean to imply the backlash was because of the pictures, just trying to clarify who I was talking about because I couldn’t remember her name.

At any rate, yes, companies can and do lie. But people also can and do astroturf and argue in bad faith as well. And there are many players with narratives of their own that they want spun.

So, what’s the truth of the matter, and who we should trust, how far, and when? Well, I think we could debate that until the heat death of the universe. In the meantime, however, I’ll try to maintain a healthy skepticism when it comes to anything anyone says, especially when it’s an argument that reflects my values, beliefs, and priorities.


What has this got to do with forum pvp?

In other words, there is no such thing as forum PvP LOL.

It just so happens that I have an example of a shut down topic.

I made another topic, and one of the “players” alerted a moderator and that was closed too.

a thread going on long enough is not a reason alone to close. But together with toxic or offtopic posts, the moderator will close it.

What can be done?

Yes, there is a small gang of trolls here that get threads they don’t like closed.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode doesnt care or supports it

So in other words, they are following forum rules? Wut in the wut.

It sounds like you just can’t follow the rules bruv.

You mean like you do all the time by posting zkills to try and shame peeps LOL.

Like how you’re doing right now by intentionally tagging an ISD and maligning him without proof?

You are the troll bruv :smiley:

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My post is to get the rules changed. The rule does not make sense. The topic should not be closed down.

The post may have to be. and those offtopic people should be removed from the head. However, that is extra work.

It seems that closing the thread, and banning the troublesome topic is easier. this may be a limitation of man-hours or a technical limitation. It can’t be a limitation of understanding the difference between a difficult topic or difficult people.

A difficult topic should have limitations on what people post on that thread. And if they cannot stick to the topic, they and their post should be removed. This is man intensive. so in that situation, the thread should be closed but the topic remain open.

It seems that difficult people cannot be banned from a thread. Does anyone respond to the “offtopic” flag?

Trollers know this “exploit” and use it to their advantage.

Rules can be changed. And I am asking for it to be changed because it is being exploited.


The ISD has shown great discernment recently.

My take? You getting salty cause your attempts to troll are getting shut down :smiley:

Most threads seems to be locked for valid reasons.

Other than that, there exist three particular individuals who are unable to constructively contribute anything when discussing an opposing opinion. These threads usually gets locked in the end. Banning these particular regs will solve a lot of the hostility in the forums, since it’s quite obvious from the threads these individuals are usually the instigators of the following mudslinging.

That being said, the forums have been pretty quiet the last months. Maybe people just need to take some breaks away from the forums now and then.

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