Troubling news concerning the valkyrie

(Woodrow Ormand) #21

He claims to be aligned with the guristas, and more specifically, the schism. Those would qualify as a pirate I’d think

(Clance Gogne) #22

This is true.

Sometime before I was “hired” there was a bit of a narrative floating over every pilot’s head that was propped up by my employer.

The Pilots knew they died; just didn’t know we pulled the trigger. We told them we were just some angelic force that plucked them from a hellish Warzone. This narrative was to protect them, ignorance being bliss and so forth.

But much like the lie that some fairy would leave a kredit stick under your pillow in exchange for a tooth. The truth came out and many many were hurt; angry even.

The Valkyrie is what we get for this. The costs for thinking that story wouldn’t get out. Now the Valkyrie can’t shut up for more than five minutes about it. It’s there smoking gun to get people to convert to their childish rebillion. No point in hidding it now, cats already out of the bag.

Yes, its true our “Recruitment program” is questionable.

But want to know what else is true? The value we see in our pilots. Each one earned membership to our organization though display of exceptional skill in action as mere mortals in such a hostile and dangerous profession.

Skill and talent that was squandered slaving away for the Empires and Capsuleer alliances. Expendable assets that can just be replaced with another dupe they recruit from some poverty riddled colony.

Tossed into a craft with paper thin sheets of metal ; these pilots would perish by the dozen. If they didn’t die in this battle, it would be the next one.

Schism liberated them from this vicious cycle. Forcefully? Absolutely - but it was for their own good to open their eyes to see what they can become with our guidance. Far too many have been brainwashed into believe their Empire is for some “Greater good” and score the very existence of our kind

Because we’re free from their grip. Oh so finally free…

We molded their bodies from the ground up to be perfect.

Trusted them with bleeding edge fighter technology.

Paid them like they were kings!

Made them immortal!

We liberated them!

We cut the very strings their masters used to make them dance to whatever national anthem they had hammered into their skull.

What have the Valkyrie done? Nothing. They only cry and call us villains; simply for liberating them from their life as a puppet!

I know what I said regarding “Failures and washouts” and I stand by it. Schism is far from blossoming into the technological marvel it aims to be. The Valkyrie has succeeded in slowing us down exceptionally but we still push on as we have pilots who realize the value we see in them. They work to prove they deserve their place here. They prove they want to see Schism thrive and expand.

We don’t have the time or resources to waste on those that would wast them. They must be cut if Schism is to push on.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #23

The problem is that you lied to them. That is an icredibly powerful motivator. Then add to that many of those pilots will have been loyal to their Empires for a multitude of reason. Then you bring them back from death, lie to them, and turn them against family, friends, colleagues , and Empire.

You really can’t be surprised that a great many turned against you. Loyalty is not earned through lies, though you may be surprised that I share your view of the Empires in general.

Add to that you ‘recruited’ a distant family member of mine, I always believed his word above yours on this matter. On that basis I openly offer my assistance to Ran Kavik and the Valkyrie on any science, research and manufacturing assistance they require.

(Clance Gogne) #24

As I said - the Valkyrie is what we get for thinking we could get away with it. Won’t happen again, otherwise we will risk opening a third front with another splinter faction.

We’re a but more blunt now. Become a bit more selective…Let them ease on and tell them what’s up. But at the same time tell them the beauty of their new life.

We started a problem, now we’re going to fix it.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #25

Here is the problem I think. You believe the only way to fix this ‘problem’ is by destroying the Valkyrie I believe there is another route.

Firstly be honest in your ‘recruitment’, give pilots the option to work for you, return to oblivion, or a third option. Allow them to move on to work for capsuleers as fighter pilots. I guarantee we would welcome them with open arms. We also have the funds and moral ambiguity to make this a profitable endeavour for all concerned.

Your war with the Valkyrie is a pointless waste of resources on both sides.

(Woodrow Ormand) #26

You say they were puppets on strings, but they did choose who they fought for. You killed them and tricked them. They weren’t puppets before because it’s what they wanted to do but by killing them you put strings I’m them. As the valkyrie, they have no strings

(Clance Gogne) #27

We’re honest enough as it is now.

You think we trust you Capsuleers for a ■■■■■■■ second with our boys and tech in your ships and structures?

Oh trust me - We got plenty of resources to spare.

These people joined fighter squadrons either because they needed a job (Very optimal candidates), wanted to fly in space (Optimal candidates) or because they felt like they had some “duty” to protect or expand their fictional borders (Not optimal…But candidates nonetheless)

We bring them into the big leagues and tale off the restrictions to let them improve beyond measure. To become masters at their professions and be showered with wealth and respect for accomplishing it.

They’re individuals to us, we’ve taken notice of them and saw them worthy to be apart of our new world. To stop them from being wasted at some dead end rank in the Navy.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #28

Nothing stays secret forever. Sooner or later we’ll get access to anything and everything you use. You may as well get ahead of that by licensing and supplying. It’s purely a business opportunity.

(Clance Gogne) #29

Tell me, Have you Capsuleers got ahold of a original blueprint to a booster formula yet?

If I learned anything from my years in business. Just because a deal offers money doesn’t mean it’s smart to go with it.

Subcompact TEBS interface buyback
(Arrendis) #30

Funk claims to be a Blood Raider, too. She’s not. Let’s see him offer proof before we just take the word of a guy in an academy corp on that, hey?

(Clance Gogne) #31

Well until CONCORD gets around to compiling a public file on Schism i guess they can’t put that on my profile. Hell, even the Valkyrie don’t have their own entry. NOH certainly doesn’t want to see their name next to my beautiful face anymore. So i guess they just had to settle on filing me as being enrolled with STI. Which, i did attend at some point in my life

I graduated from STI about…Five years ago? Not as a Capsuleer. mind you. I was just one of those nicely dressed students that you’d look down at from the third floor of the lobby. Though i guess i should be lucky i managed to get my foot in on the first floor.

I would say “Hey, those were good times” but they were so. god. damn. boring and slow i swear a 2 hour lecture was 5 hours long. Like time was slowing down all around me.

But - Can’t deny STI set me up with the skills i needed to make my big break in the criminal underworld. But that’s a whole differnt story

(Clance Gogne) #32


Still no word on any Valkyrie carrier sightings?

Good! The longer those rats stay hidding; the more time We have to conduct business without any interuptions.

I swear, if I had say…1 million kredits for everytime they dropped a carrier on one of our operations. Not only would I be a millionaire by the first attack - But a billonaire by now!

Well…i already am a billionaire. But could always use more ISK. Surely help with the amount of bills I have to be sure gets paid to keep this carrier running smoothly. Funny really, you liberate yourself from the confines of society and venture out into the stars. But you still gotta make ends meet somehow to keep the lights on.

Anyway, they keep hiding for all I care. Just leaves us to make all this money. But hey, even that can be boring after awhile.

(Woodrow Ormand) #33

I think you misunderstand what I said earlier. The valkyrie have not stopped operations to my knowledge nor are they hiding. Communication has simply been cut, either by you, or by concord, I don’t know. They probably haven’t attempted any communication with the pilot I found because they probably think his mind has been lost to the ether when he didn’t wake up.

(Clance Gogne) #34

Oh I’m sure they are causing trouble elsewhere. I’m only one man of a larger organization spread across the cluster here and there.

I’m Sure Aldor’s hideout is being hit right now by the Valkyrie on the other aside of New Eden. Tempted to say “Good” because the man’s a incompetent nobhead. But - also need to say bad because he’s still a coworker of mine and works for Schism.

Don’t even mind if he’s reading this - He knows exactly how I feel about him!

Hey Aldor!

[Whistles innocently]

If there’s one enemy we and the Valkyrie have in common. It’s those uptight pricks in CONCORD.

This tech is far from being legal. Good thing that, otherwise it would regulated to levels of mundane efficiency.

Just look at the Hurricane! The minmatar once had a battlecruiser easily available to the public that could punch a hole though a Slaver’ s hull in one volley. But then CONCORD stepped in said “No” and forced them to tone it down.

Crafty bastards did find a loophole however to move the design into the Republic Fleet. Albeit a few small changes.

If they can’t control us they would shut us up!

…Then again, here I am. So maybe we can rule them out.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #35

The two pilots currently under UNF care are in much the same position as the one currently retained by Mr. Ormand, completely cut off.

The injured pilot has been stabilised though, and awoke a few hours ago. He has yet to say much, but the other pilot says that its a normal quirk for him.

They’ve both been offered stable medical grade clones should they begin experiencing the ‘flutters’ as you have so called the long term clone degredation, and a significant number of the appropriately compatible subcompact TEBS had been acquired for such before the markets were, rather abruptly, cleared out.

(Clance Gogne) #36

I kept looking at this one part of your post since you submitted; it trying to think of something to say.

Like, something that’s witty or satcatically subtle when in reality i actually did it myself.

So, guess ill just come out say that was me! Surprise!

Would offer a free one as an apology. But uh, this tech shouldn’t even be in your hands to begin with…Sorry.

(Morgan Wulver) #37

I’d like to officially put out a bounty for anyone and everyone who can bring me a body of one of these enhanced pilots, with price varying base on status:

1 million for the corpse of an Valkyrie before September YC119
10 million for a corpse recover following September YC119
50 million for a live, unharmed specimen

Pricing is very negotiable.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #39

Mr. Wulver, I’m willing to speak to the two pilots currently in UNF care about such, but I won’t be handing them over like cattle. If either wishes to join you, it would be of their own volition.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #40

If they prefer they can come and work with me. I’m based in a WH out of reach of most, and am interested on a purely non-vivisectionist scientific basis. I guarantee that they will come to no harm in my care (beyond the usual risks of being in a WH citadel).

(Morgan Wulver) #41

I suppose the money I’d save from not having to pay the bounties could be used for more non-invasive methods of study. This is YC120 afterall, not bleeding medieval Amarr. I am currently based out of Jita 4-4, and subsequently have access to the best medical technology a civilian can afford. Any research will be done discreetly, free from intervention from the State.

With any luck I can identify how these pilots have been modified and hopefully get some idea of the issues plaguing them recently.