Turn-based strategy game

It’s suitable for eve online to have a total war type game like Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. eve online have huge enough map and lots of ships buildings out look. But not everyone can own it and control. What if there is a turn-based single player strategy game synchronize eve online’s world event? Won’t it be attractive? And of course don’t forget steam workshop, it might help you found some new concept new ships or buildings outlook design. It could be adding into eve online. If those mods exactly popular.

星戰前夜相當適合出一款全軍破敵題材 (例如全軍破敵:三國) 的遊戲,畢竟地圖夠大勢力也不少。船隻與建築更是風格迥異。相信即便是大多數有定期購買歐米茄時間的玩家也沒有真正踏足過整張星戰前夜地圖還體驗過所有玩法。那麼何不出一款同步星戰前夜世界事件 (像是三神裔入侵) 的單人回合制策略遊戲讓玩家們體驗看看?而且星戰前夜本身有隱形、誘導、躍遷干擾等玩法,這可以增加接敵時的樂趣與打法上的多樣性。最後別忘了開放steam平台的工作訪,這樣也許能從最受歡迎的那些mods中找到新船、新建築的設計概念。順帶一提作為一個策略遊戲,以星系劃分地圖可能AI移動會對電腦負擔太大,玩家也會感到管理不便。因此用星座來劃分整張地圖或許是個不錯的方案。

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This could work if the ship roles werent all over the place. For example a Destroyer doesent beat a frigate. Most of the time a frigate beats a destroyer. So if you wanted to make a turn based STRATEGY game you would need to optimise the ships roles for actual strategy. Because at the moment its very random. A frigate can essentially tank and kill almost every other type of ship. But whatever

I mean i enjoy playing Direct Strike in SC2 at the moment. Its not strictly turn based, its wave based. But each unit serves a specific purpose and has a counter from another unit. So you need to be clever in which units you put on the field. This concept doesent exist in EVE online in the same way. There is no real strategy involved.

Curious how the board game is going to turn out

CCP’s shanghai office is working on an eve themed 4x strategy game (source: last year’s fanfest.) I assume it will be a mobile game, but I’d expect we’ll be able to play it on pc as well.

There’s a chance it will also be the blockchain (not crypto) game as well.

I’m sure there is a Skinned version of Eve Stellaris somewhere xD

there used to be an eve mod for homeworld.

Sure there is a mods in Stellaris that have some EVE ships and buildings skin, but first it’s impossible to expect the provider update so often or even just keep maintain. Well if CCP own the game, they might not keep maintain too lol.

As we see, CCP are now developing a game called “Project M5”. It’s a multiplayer game and probably a mobile game with omega time. What’s different with Project M5 and this turn-based game? That must be Single player steam workshop and no omega.

I’m not a ships producer in EVE online, but to train a high skill character that could deal out tire 7 abyssal will need more time than produce a titan if there’s no skill point injector maybe? So the hardest part to make a fleet are ship modules and well trained pilots.

Why using Total War for example but not Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI? Because when engage enemy, it first need to deploy army then start a real time strategy battle.
Ship dodge won’t be a problem, drone operate might be problem. When playing EVE online, drone not so often dead, cause we know when shell we retrieve our drone.

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