Uedama anti-gank

so many examples … but i keep getting flashbacks to a powerfull null alliance (not going to name them) that had a couple hundred gank alts in niarja, guess they thought it was easy . They had a freighter bumped of the gate and then they ganked , pretty much one at a time but it seemed they waited untill concord killed the last one before the next one shot , one by one , it was the most painfull thing i have seen in eve and i have seen a lot of crap in eve it took many many minutes and i died a little inside watching it.
I have also seen much worse in high by null alliances just not understanding the rules but most folk wouldnt believe it if i posted it.


Maybe we should get together and write a book of short stories on Eve’s funny events , call it ?
" Cluster F**** of Eve online"


These kids are still arguing with an alt of a player that obviously hold dozens of accounts. Alts arguing with alts, bots arguing with bots, such a wonderful state eve has reached.

how many alts do you have ? and how many do you post on, more than a few id guess though id also suspect many
get banned for ■■■■ posting

and ■■■■ gets banned, ill try crap maybe faeces …lol

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So it seems the game is reasonably balanced with regard to JF ganking, if people actually work together the survival of JF’s are higher. Keep trying to save JF’s and learning more as you go this is what Eve is about. Eve is still a brilliant game in my opinion. Your latest experience shows there is a high skill level on the gankers team and on AG fleet. Keep this up buddy this is some exciting content!


Hi anti-gank guys.

Can I ask you to weigh in on my bounty hunting proposals on the CSM assembly please?

I believe they may improve the anti gank game.

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Sounds like it’s worth a read.


Seatbelts reduce death and serious injury by 50%. They are effective. So far AntiGanking has reduced ganking by not even half of 1 percent.

You can.

Effectiveness runs on a spectrum from 100% down to 0%. I don’t think even yourself would argue that something that is 90% effective could be colloquially referred to as “effective” and something else that is 10% effective as “ineffective”. AntiGanking falls into that latter category.

On the contrary, we wish there were more AGs. I for one thrive on conflict in this game. There simply isn’t enough for my taste since they nerfed moon mining and killed off a TON of emergent content in HiSec.

I’ve been ganking pretty much since my earliest days in EVE. I have never had someone foil my gank. Almost 10 years on this character.

Gankers, please come back to Urlen/Perimeter/Jita. Had to idle some time there lately and got bored. Niarja “loss” still seems to be a big bummer for hauler ganks in that area. :frowning:

Do not ever lay down your arms.

May God bless your ships, let these vessels be weapons for his wrath against the wicked, and let you be steadfast in your good work - saving as many souls that need saving and are deserving of such divine aid. So shall it be.


Urlen / Perimeter / Jita seem very subdued. Lacklustre ganking activities to say the least. Have they moved on?

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Very lacklustre your right, it’s that bad we went and ganked one of there miners/supporters/alts what ever he was .

Well done to the Abudban auxiliaries for completing the first of many ganks on criminal supporters .

Stay away from Safety and the Pirate Princess , start associating with these people and well you get what you deserve.

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People are either in Delve evaccing or relocated to other choke points, because traffic went down/elsewhere due to Niarja moved to Pochven. Maybe also the loot thief example spreading caused small gankers to leave.

When I was after long time patrolling the Jita area a couple days ago, 2 Tornados and their hauler alts just docked when I approached the gate.


Why, thank you, Miss Githany…
The bugle of righteousness has been blown…

Theres a new Sherrif in Town
Keep your guns loaded … collaboration with criminal organisations will not be tolerated.

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Very good indeed , do we call you marshal or sheriff hehe

Role-playing as a police force, when there’s an actual police force already present, is pretty lame.

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That’s not like you, what have you done with Destiny

We should send roses. (yellow ones)

I wonder if Destiny has a cute gank alt.


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I thought you said that I would always be the cutest?