Uedama anti-gank

Entertaining discussion on nonsense reason of ganking.:slightly_smiling_face:

Remember we can be whatever we want to in eve

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I want to be a kitty-cat!


Ganking is fine but their reason behind it is comical. The real reason we want to gank because its just fun to shoot ships and get the loot simple as that. The cheesy drama and the cult following are cringy a.k.a disgusting.


You are just jelly that nobody likes you.

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What a curmudgeon!


ya , he is full of jelly


I’m Just jelly but atleast not a jelly man like aiko and tutucox.:hugs:peace :v:

Thanks for the video. Its nice to see people having an actual discussion rather than a mud slinging contest like a pack of apes.


Gankers are so cringey and mentally unstabble.

My kids act up when desperate for attention too. Imagine doing that to strangers to get any kind of reaction? oof, i word alert.

Anti-gankers are awesome trolls for how much salt and rage they are mining in game, but it’s probably best to ignore the needy in the comment section.

Dont have to imagine, Im replying to it


It’s every person’s right to be a kitty-cat if they so desire

Even if they can’t actually be a kitty-cat, they have the right to want to be one.

It’s symbolic in our fight against oppression

True, but can we blame the Romans still?

I liked that scene in the life of brian.

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Meanwhile in ganking news, RVP corp have been ganking in Sivala/Uedama with R I O T well their ganker group anyway was.

Safety. Killed miners and mission runners again , mainly because we can’t stop them doing that ,other than be a deterrent or have pot luck or they don’t have numbers right now . .

So watch out in the pipe from jita to Amarr there seems to be a growing number of small groups and new gank spots.

My, my. You paint with a broad brush.

And I can tell you that for me, salt is just a by-product of my activities. I like to give people tastes of their own medicine as a means of empthy education. Of course I realize some are uneducatable but nothing is perfect. The salt I can do without but when it comes from the uneducatable it at least lets me know I accomplished SOMETHING at least.

Who doesn’t want to be a puddy-tat?..


Think your onto something here Wah

That is good to know. But I’ve never understood the appeal of ganking. Sometimes they get good targets, but isn’t it mostly just waiting around? Doesn’t that become boring after a short while?