Uedama anti-gank

That is good to know. But I’ve never understood the appeal of ganking. Sometimes they get good targets, but isn’t it mostly just waiting around? Doesn’t that become boring after a short while?

Not any more so than targeting a rock and watching a laser beam touch it for 15 minutes, or shooting the same mission spawn waves over and over again.

Except with ganking, at least there’s a reasonable payoff at the end.

Here he goes again. Every thread I look at, every thread I post in, he’s there. Nothing constructive to say, ever. Just insults, name calling, chest beating. Behavior that he would never, ever display to a stranger he was sitting next to on a bus or in a bar.

Do you actually play Eve Online? You spend so much time here insulting others. I have to wonder. I picture you as some twenty-something guy living in Mommy’s basement, someone so lonely and maladjusted he defines himself by his “status” on a game forum.

And of course, you will have something snippy to say in response to this post. But the joke’s on you: I won’t be back to see it and I won’t receive any notification that you made your inevitable reply.

Looks just like an answer to the question and none of this.

Haha, holy ■■■■. Wow, that post had everything. It hit all the high notes: the “would never say that in real life,” the “doesn’t even play the game,” the “mommy’s basement,” and even the “feel free to reply but I won’t read it.” I think the only thing it’s missing is calling me an autist and/or a virgin, and then I’d have carebear rage bingo.

Taking a screenshot of this one. Good stuff.

Oh, completely forgot: paging @DeMichael_Crimson and @Mr_Epeen so they can give him some likes.

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This is the real insult. She replied to you regarding the game of miner and ganker but you throw an rl insult.

I’m cool with it, though.

These gank victims need an outlet, and I’m perfectly fine with helping them out in that regard. If they don’t get it out of their systems here, they might beat their pets or something.

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If you guys are still active and want to hunt in high sec I would be very much thrilled if you could get:

Demon Fleet and Pod Shooters

Currently in Perimeter > Poinen

I will give 10m per kill if you email me the links to verified km’s

The background story for reference…

For clarification he was not sat on the gate when his ship and pod was destroyed he was 167.3km off the gate! also he was not checking his alt for a quick second as he says.