Uedama anti-gank

When you run your mouth and don’t mind your own business, you find out what happens pretty quick.

Welcome nizaki what do you mean

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“I mean that you’re involving yourself in things that are none of your business. In New Eden, Altruism leads to an early grave. If you want to live a long successful life, take my advice and quit now. Resign yourself to the Belts, as a life surrounded by Veldspar dust is safer than starting a war you can’t finish.”

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Of course it’s my business, by the way the line to stop me is over there .

Well it’s not really me is it , like I said before it’s more of an idea, to stand and fight and do what you think is right .
I show what can be done I am at the head of the storm that came to high sec to change what was


“So many have come to New Eden wanting to ‘Do what’s right’, and yet no stories are told of those individuals. No songs are sung of their triumphs, and no paintings depicting their defining moments are ever created. That is because as I’ve said before, altruism leads an easily forgotten soul to an early grave. Perhaps your heart is in the right place, but this universe is cold and unforgiving, and will give nothing back in return.”

And that’s the thing, I don’t want anything, other than people to fly with and ships that can fight back.

Others can pick what ever they want ,I choose law and order and common decency to fight for not isk or power.

Aiko offered a place at her side and riches beyond imagination if I joined her fight I said no , unlike others have.

So now we have our forever war and my fight goes on

Edit: btw we do have our own shadowy group that points us in the right places at times and supplies our equipment, I don’t ask to many questions because their aims align with ours , I have heard them called many things , they remind me of Mr Morden if that’s the right name from Babylon 5 , it adds to the fun😁


Maybe they just enjoy blapping people that are flashy and trolling them by denying them ganks and / or loot.

It’s not like the targets are hard to find and below -5 they are shootable without consequence, industrialists also bung them money as well to help out. Personally I think it’s great that this emergent gameplay has come into being, just like ganking has, all good stuff.


simple question, then

there are statues in game dedicated to specific pilots. Are the deeds memorialized those of violence or of peace?

Oh and if I am in an early grave it seems quite cozy, here.



Here’s an example of what it doesn’t say on one of them:

“Katia Sai, the greatest trespassing sneak in the history of New Eden”

@Katia_Sae was a griefer and a space bully.

Where is the @Tau_AD freedom statue?

This is why I rarely come to these forums… :frowning:

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Is she on your level

And talking of griefers of the highest level , an interesting take on your permaband friends…

Btw Githany Gertrude Red check you EVEmails every now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The X-100 gang deserve a statue as they are present every single day racking up the ganks relentlessly.


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if we show up they move for a bit

Thats how i used to deal with my ex too


Damn it, now I want another Aiko song about me.

Please don’t get her started

You was in her last poetry attempt

Githany is, of course, referring to my AWARD-WINNING BEST BLOG



I couldn’t bring my self to link your blog

Btw are you leaving,

“I’m a Princess, and I am successful simply by existing, even if I log out and disappear forever.”